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Best Santa Games 2019 for both Kids & Adults

Written by Hassan Abbas

Best Santa Games 2019: We’re now just a few days away from Christmas but our vacations start, you can start preparing by downloading and playing these Santa Claus games. In this guide, we’re going to discuss the best Santa games that can play on your Android phone.

Best Santa Games 2019

My Santa ClausMy Santa Claus is developed by Peaksel. The game is another version of My Talk Dog but with Santa singing and dancing for you on the screen. Also, In this game can you talk to Santa, create a gift list, and teaches you to take care of your hygiene. You can get a chance to take care of your own little Santa Claus but also help him grow into a boy, a man and finally, a grandpa Santa with the white beard and the big belly.

Download: My Santa Claus

Santa Christmas Escape Mission

In this game, we help Santa to rescue the innocent kids from evil green monsters. The monster kidnapped the kids and locked up in the factory and you’ve got a job to stop the fire in the factory, find keys to unlock doors and get the gifts back from the moaner. The game is fully decor with a Christmas theme in 3D and has soft music and sound effects.

Download: Santa Christmas Escape Mission

Running With Santa

The game is quite similar to Temple Run but the only difference is the fact that you’re playing Santa. In this game, you’re helping Santa run around the North Pole village as his magic sled is now out of order after being struck by a lightning. You gather many gifts as possible through Icy bridges, sharp icicles, gaps, and obstacles and remember all kids receive their presents just in time for the holiday. You have a choice to play as Santa’s little dwarves, reindeers, and try different power-ups.

Download: Running With Santa

Christmas Candy World

Also, Christmas Candy World is a match 3 game. In this game, you help Santa to collect star candies, cakes, lollies, and many other things. They have many fun-filled levels but you have got a chance to play and beat your friends’ scores at every level. Also, The game is designed with seasonal themes and vibrant illustrations that get you in your holiday spirit. You can use powerful boosters by unlocking different levels and connect with friends on Facebook and share your progress.

Download: Christmas Candy World

Christmas Coloring

Maybe you understand the game as the name suggests. The game is a coloring book and painting game. You can Color the pages filled with Santa Claus, Christmas trees, reindeer, gifts, or elves the way you want. You can also create a card of your own to wish Christmas to your friends and family. The best thing in this game is that both kids and adults can play the game. There are over 50 free designs across 6 themes.

Download: Christmas Coloring


Which Santa game is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below!

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