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Best Pie 9.0 Custom ROMs For Your Android Mobile

Written by Hassan Abbas

After rooting our mobile, the first thing comes to our mind, What will be the best Custom ROMs for my device? There are lots of ROMs are available in Both Official and Unofficial versions. We flash the custom ROM because our Manufacturer stopped updates or we don’t like their UI. Our Custom ROM should be near Stock Android with Latest Android Version. So you are looking for the best custom ROM to install on your rooted Android device, which is now running on Pie (9.0)? These are the five best ones you should choose from.

Android Pie is one of the best and stable versions of the Android Operating System; it is available on the latest smartphones. However, if your Android device is not running on Pie (9.0), you can still get to explore the exciting features of this OS version. It requires rooting your device and installing any of these custom ROMs.

The Best Custom ROMs Based on Android Pie (9.0)

Basic things should be while selecting ROMs. Unofficial ROMs may contain a lot of bugs. On the other hand, Official versions will receive regular patch updates, and it is stable. Considering these two requirements, We listed the best Custom ROMs.

Pixel Experience ROM

This custom ROM gained quite a level of popularity and it is new in category. It is based on AOSP ROM, which includes Google Apps. As it brings a real Android Pie experience to rooted devices. You’ll also get all the Google Pixel wallpapers to your device. Also, the launcher with this ROM is Google Pixel’s launcher. This ROM support boot animation and sounds. It is simply the best Android Pie custom ROM that will give offer you a Pixel-like experience on any rooted smartphone.


In addition, you’ll get all Google Pixel ringtones and fonts if you install this ROM. Many techies have tried out this custom ROM on different rooted devices, and it worked perfectly. Finally, this ROM allows for personal customization of its features, such as Pixel blue accent color, activating the always-on display, and more. However, this custom ROM may not work correctly on some smartphone models.


  • You will not get any Security limitations. It works like Official Stock ROM.
  • Google Camera app is better to compare with all other Manufacturer Camera App.
  • All Widevine L1 required Streaming services will work well without any additional adjustments. While some Custom ROMs won’t work.
  • Majority Pixel Phone features are Included.


  • Limitation in Customizations.
  • Majority of Old devices, not supported.

Lineage OS

LineageOS is the most popular custom ROM, and it comes with a variety of features. This custom ROM works on a wide range of smartphones. It is one of the best ROMs because it promises more stability and security than the others. The official Pie update of this ROM has been rolled out for many devices. You will enjoy almost all the features of Android 9.0 on your rooted device when you install this custom ROM.


While this custom ROM is released for many devices, many releases are unofficial. Thus, you may notice some errors when using the ROM. Nevertheless, LineageOS is pretty much stable on over 200 devices. On the surface, this custom ROM tends to appear like a stock adaptation of Google’s Android. Meanwhile, it is stocked with handy features that you won’t find on most non-rooted Android phones.


  • Broad Support on Most of the Old devices.
  • Regular Patch updates and Support.
  • Plenty of features like Full device Encryption are added as In-Built option.
  • We have highly secured Custom ROM (Based on user settings).


  • Rare Camera issues.

AOSP Extended ROM

This custom ROM is based on AOSP and has pretty much featured to offer. It provides Stock UI with customization options. It gives you the experience like Pixel Experience ROM because they’re both based on AOSP. Also, this custom ROM supports the substratum Theme engine, which can change the appearance of your device. Although the battery backup and the network connection of this custom ROM is efficient, which are among the reasons many people prefer it to the others. Techies confirmed that this ROM delivers a smooth and seamless Android Pie experience on installed devices.



  • It is highly Customizable.
  • In-Built Third part features like Screen recording are added.


  • The issue regarding Payment apps.

CrDroid ROM

There are lots of features available on this custom ROM. Also, in terms of stability, this ROM proves to offer more stability. CrDroid did not sacrifice some features to provide you with a stable Android experience. It comes customizable features, as well as proves to be efficient. The developers of this OS prioritized customizability, reliability, and performance; thus, you’ll enjoy a perfect experience using this OS.


If you’ve already used some other custom ROMs, then you’ll easily detect the difference. crDroid has more to offer, and it is also stable. You can customize this ROM to any extent you wish; however, it features Navigation, Buttons, Quick Settings, Status bar, Lock Screen, Sound, and Recent Screen Customizations. This custom ROM has been released for 90+ devices, while it’s just 30+ devices that support the Android Pie updates.


  • Every UI can be Customized.
  • Excellent Battery performance.


  • Rare Network issues.

Havoc OS

Havoc OS custom ROM as one of the best ROMs for Android 9. It is stable, supports customization, and also comes with a bunch of useful features you’ll love. Havoc OS is available for many Android devices; it is quite similar to the CrDroid ROM in terms of customization. You can customize this OS until it fits your taste. There are a variety of beautiful themes you can choose from.


Interestingly, HavocOS supports a pixel feature, which is the Now Playing card on your lock screen. Also, you can change every part of your device once it is running on this custom ROM.


  • Smooth UI as well as Performance.
  • Good Battery Life.


  • Issues related to Payment apps.
  • Network issues.
  • Fewer devices are officially supported.


I know there are many best ROMs like Ported ROMs,  Resurrection Remix, available. But We picked based on a lot of metrics. These are the five best Android 9.0 custom ROMs you can install on your device after root. They are all stable and support customizations, and they are available for many Android devices. If I missed any ROM, Or you have better suggestion comment below!

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