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Best Marshmallow Launcher You Can Use on Android

Best Marshmallow Launcher
Written by Kelly Houstan

Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system is known as one of the recent android operating systems that was outed with a lot of amazing features actually. But, the most interesting aspect of the OS in regards to its features includes the interface actually. The material design of the operating system looks really stunning and the stock themes are really nice. Let’s now read the article about Best Marshmallow Launcher You Can Use on Android. Let’s begin!

Well, to who it may concern, I finally compiled the list of android marshmallow launcher apps now. Because it may interest those of you guys that are still running on an android lollipop or lower version. If you guys are already on the android marshmallow, then you guys are also free to try out these launchers as well.

Right now Marshmallow is also trending and a lot of folks are looking for Android official updates about the latest Android version of Marshmallow 6.0 too. That’s really amazing that the new Android version 6.0 is now rolling out for Android smartphones out there. That is, Samsung, LG, Xperia and also so on.

Best Android Apps to Turns Your Phone to Latest Marshmallow 6.0

We all know how it actually feels like when you suddenly have something that a lot of people are waiting for. Of course, you can do it or any Android phone unofficially and anyone can do it as well. However, think of it for a second that you just turn your phone to latest Marshmallow 6.0 and you guys are actually using its comfortable features, icons, and so on as well.

Best Marshmallow Launcher You Can Use on Android

The Marshmallow Launcher

Apparently, the Marshmallow Launcher is the best Android app that will basically transform your current Android look to something called ‘The Marshmallow look’.

Here are some settings that you guys have to do after you install The Marshmallow Launcher:

  • Head to drawer setting from launcher setting
  • Then check the ‘Show the pages as cards’
  • “Drawer card color” to white actually
  • “Drawer “background-color” to black as well
  • Just set the “drawer transparency” to your liking recommended 90%

M Launcher -Android M Launcher

This is another lovely android marshmallow launcher that is highly rated via the users. The interface of this launcher provides you with the best user experience. And it’s the best launcher for those of us that still haven’t updated to the android 6.0/6.0.1 Marshmallow operating system actually.

Some features of this launcher also include, Android 6.0 Marshmallow drawer style, A-Z category drawer style, Smooth, and cool Ripple or Circle drawer animation, Horizontal drawer style, Convenient marshmallow style widget drawer, classify widget via apps, much easier to explore widgets, Totally Material design dialog and tap on effect. Outside the native android marshmallow launcher experience, the app also features security, privacy, a handy sidebar, gesture, counters, a built-in widget, and lots more.

Android 6.0/M Update

You have to update your phone to 5.0(android L/Lollipop) or Android M/Marshmallow(6.0) now anytime anywhere. Now with this app, you guys can update your old phone along with Gingerbread, Honeycomb, ICS, Jellybean to Lollipop. Or also  Android M according to your wish and brag and show among your friends in order to fool them.

This app basically needs root permission for proper functioning. This is a cool prank app via which you can falsely change the current android version, name and model of your rooted phone. In order to any thing according to your whims and wishes as well. This app changes version only in About Phone of the Settings of your Phone as well. So you can easily prank your friends with this app

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marshmallow – Icon Pack HD

the marshmallow icon pack is actually a subtle, minimalistic & elegant theme created after months of hard work.
It basically adds the liveliness of icons back to your device. This is Theme ONE HD as well. This is an icon pack for a lot of famous Launcher. For example, Apex Launcher, Nova Launcher, ADW, Holo, Go launcher, Action Launcher, and many others.

Marshmallow Launcher and Theme

The best and brand new Marshmallow launcher and theme is also now on the android market and it’s absolutely free. Tap on your phone or tablet’s main menu on the home screen in order to select various themes.

Bored with Android’s user interface? Want to try a new style? 

Marshmallow launcher is also an excellent app for you in order to experience the Wins phone UI on your Android devices. Note 5 launcher will make your Android phone look like the stock Android phone as well.

MM Launcher – Android M Launch

MM Launcher is also a smooth, modern, highly customizable Android M-style launcher. Well, the MM Launcher basically brings you the latest Android M(Android 6.0 Marshmallow) launcher experience! Native, yet along with huge enhancement. You guys can easily edit the desktop; support lock desktop. Also, you guys can even change launcher desktop grid size and icon size. The ability for 16 desktop transition effect as well. Super folder, GameBoost folder, and abundant widgets too.

iTop Marshmallow Launcher

iTop launcher is another well polished android marshmallow launcher with stunning material design and very friendly user interface, which features native android marshmallow experience, supports icon themes, android 6.0 app drawer interface, handy sidebar, useful and powerful tools like power saver, speed booster, system switcher and lots more.

The iTop marshmallow launcher also comes along with gestures, notifies, backup and restore settings layout on the launcher and lots more. This launcher is supported on android devices that are running on OS 4.0 and above than that.

Omega Launcher

This is also another cool android marshmallow launcher that basically serves as a home screen replacement on material theme marshmallow. That features a full material theme, ram cleaner, in-app browser (for faster results), quick cards, fast and smooth animation, vertical scroll app drawer, floating action button, customizable theme color, and a lot more as well.

Download – Omega Launcher


Alright, folks, I hope you like this article and understand now. If you have any issues and queries related to it, just comment down and let us know.

Keep Smiling!

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