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Adventure Time Games
Written by Hassan Abbas

If there is a series of recent animation that has permeated all kinds of people, that is Adventure Time. The adventures of Finn the Human and Jake the Dog have filled with joy the lives of children, young people and adults alike thank the eternal adventure spirit that already has all the mythology around the world of Ooo. Such a phenomenon could not remain without representation in the world of video games and that is why we have selected the best free games of Time of Adventures for Android.

Adventure Time Games

Adventure Time: Masters of Ooo

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It’s time for the dungeon with this video game. Our goal is to get the different gems and keys to leave each of the levels, something that we will perform organically with just drags your finger across the screen. Although its game mechanics we have ended up seeing in several other titles, the video game distills charisma thanks to the loving world of Time of Adventures.

Adventure Time: Champions and Challengers

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We enter the field of role-playing games with the fun “Champions and Challengers”, a title of turn-based fighting in which we can recruit the most legendary characters in the series: Finn, Jake, BMO, Fionna, Marceline, the Princess Bundles, the Princess Bubblegum … We could continue until tomorrow saying names, but the best thing is that you try it.

Adventure Time Run

[appbox googleplay com.tangent.atrglobal]

The “endless runner” and the mobile game are intimately linked and we have a thousand options to choose whenever we want to take a game to this style of games. And if we do, what better than doing it with one as fun and full of color as the official “runner” of Time of Adventures.

In addition to the typical things to do such as dodge obstacles and collect coins, the title has a system of portals that will make us live small phases of different gameplay so that it is difficult to get bored with it.

Finn and Jake To The RescOoo

One thinks about the stories of Adventure Time and it is difficult to see a puzzle game within the universe of Ooo. But beware, that does not mean that it will not work, since this video game mixes very well the mechanics of the puzzles with the typical platforms in two dimensions. A curious combination that has an old and re-molona interface.

Bloons Adventure Time TD

[appbox googleplay com.ninjakiwi.btdadventuretime]

There is no doubt that Tower Defense is one of the most popular genres on mobile devices. So finding one on Adventure Time was a matter of time. But we did not imagine that it would be by way of crossover with the excellent Bloons saga, so we can assure you quite high-quality standards for the medium. Bloons Adventure Time TD is a very beautiful game with which we are going to experience the world of Ooo in a different way than usual.

Adventure Time: Heroes of Ooo

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We entered into a ruckus with this top-down video game in which we will have to rescue four princesses locked in different dungeons. Traps and enemies of various kinds await us in an action game that reminds us of the Zelda classics of Nintendo consoles. A fun piece with a visual section quite interesting.

Card Wars Kingdom

[appbox googleplay com.turner.cardwars2]

In a certain chapter of this great television series, Finn and Jake were dedicated to playing an exciting game of cards that occupied the whole plot of the episode. If you stayed with the desire to play it, on Android you have the solution to this problem. Card Wars Kingdom lets us relive that episode and expands it to find a video game of the most fun that will delight fans of the series and all pro magiquero۔

Adventure Time Blind Finned

Although we usually control Finn in most Adventure Time video games, it was time to give a little love to his fantastic sidekick. In this title, we will have to control Jake to prevent our human companion from all kinds of dangers that will flog him because of the last idea he has had: to go on adventures with his eyes blindfolded. Based on “swipes” on the screen, we will save Finn in this original video game.

Adventure Time Raider

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If before we saw a vertical “endless runner”, now it’s time to go to the horizon. In this nice video game, we will have to overcome obstacles ad infinitum while collecting the typical gems that will allow us to unlock different improvements to restart our little adventure. Although playable is somewhat flatter than the rest of the video games we have shown, it is a great alternative for those looking for a simpler challenge.

Adventure Time Puzzle Quest

The arrival of Puzzle Quest was a breath of fresh air to a genre where we had seen almost everything. Therefore, an Adventure Time title based on the mechanics of the puzzle game is something that the world needed. Luckily, the work does not disappoint and we will enjoy the adventures of the characters from the world of Ooo while we are collecting gems to the end. Everything a must.

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