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Best Festive Games to Spend Holidays

Written by Hassan Abbas

Best Festive Games to Spend Holidays: Christmas is here and whether you’re singing songs, poems or waiting for Santa to show up, here are some handful games you can play this Christmas. There should be at least one game (from the list below) for every individual, so bring the Christmas spirit to your household with these exciting and amazing games to play and enjoy this holiday season.

Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack

This game is inspired by the classic board game, Trivial Pursuit. There are two different gameplay modes: Classic and Challenge. When we playing Classic, you are playing in turns to answer different questions in a row from six categories i.e sports, science, art, entertainment, geography, and history. Challenge mode enables you to go against a list of random players with 13 questions and whoever takes the minimum amount of time to answer them wins. Play this game with your friends and family during this holiday season.

Download: Trivia Crack

Winter Solitaire

Winter Solitaire

We enjoy our holidays while playing Winter Solitaire as it brings some holiday spirit to solitaire. While you remove gold cards from the pyramid, the game lets you play a new face-up strategy mode. In this mode, you see all the cards and decides on which one to play next. Additionally, the game comes with lucky cards, hints, random deals, and special bonuses.

Download: Winter Solitaire

Delicious – Emily’s Christmas Carol

Delicious – Emily’s Christmas Carol

Delicious is a Christmas story of Emily who plans a family trip to a cute little cottage for the holidays. To excite the Christmas spirit, suit yourself with a hot drink, bake cookies for Santa and make the traditional eggnog. The game has 61 tory levels and 31 challenge levels of which the first 10 levels are free-to-play. You can gather diamonds to invite people to help you out, find hidden objects, as you start on a charming story of Christmas.

Download: Delicious – Emily’s Christmas Carol



You must be no stranger to UNO, a card game in which both young and old love so much. Like its physical gameplay, the game offers the classic UNO with house rules, 2v2 mode, adventures, and tournaments. Also, you can connect your friends online and engage in online multiplayer mode with other players from all around the world and win rewards. There’s a UNO! Universe mode that offers to discover new characters, places, and challenges.

Download: UNO!

Heads Up!

Heads Up!  Festive Games to Spend Holidays

Heads Up! is a naming game. The game is inspired by the popular Ellen DeGeneres show where the host plays with her guests. Besides holding a card above your head, you’re holding your phone when the game opened. You can play with any number of friends and guess different topics ranging from celebrity names to actions and songs. Instead of choosing a card from the pile, the game creates a new card by simply tilting the phone.

Download: Heads Up!

Noogra Nuts Seasons

Noogra Nuts Seasons  Festive Games to Spend Holidays

In this game, you help a squirrel who goes by the name Noogra to celebrate Christmas by cracking the nuts in this game. You can control the position of squirrel moves by using the accelerometer and clicking the screen to jump above obstacles. At the beginning of the game, nuts will start falling from the sky and you can earn points by jumping and head-butting them. Once a nut is cracked, Noogra will eat all the nuts and earn points.

Download: Noogra Nuts Seasons

Words With Friends 2

Words With Friends 2  Festive Games to Spend Holidays

It is another game designed to play with your friends and family during this Christmas. Words With Friends 2 is a word playing game, with puzzles to solve. The game helps our kids expand their vocabulary and improve spelling by challenging to create the highest scoring word in the board.

Download: Words With Friends 2 


Psych!  Festive Games to Spend Holidays

Psych!, designed by Heads Up! game designer name Warner Bros. It is another party game to play with your friends. You can select from a different of fun categories but the main challenge of the game is to make fake answers to real trivia questions. You get points for guessing for a shocking real answer among your friends’ fakes. Points are calculated for guessing the right answer and other players to psych into selecting your fake answer. An entertaining way to spend Christmas. If you’re planning to do that with your closest members of your family.

Download: Psych!


Here is all about the Festive Games to Spend Holidays. For further queries and questions let us know in the comment section below!

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