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Best Do Not Disturb Apps – You Should Know About

do not disturb apps
Written by Kelly Houstan

Your phone actually rings during important meetings, and your boss starts shouting at you, right? Don’t worry, because Do Not Disturb mode is a feature in most android phones that saves us from these kinds of embarrassing situations. And if not, then we have some cool DND apps for android in order to save you from your boss as well as getting disturbed on a date. Just read this article to know about Best Do Not Disturb Apps – You Should Know About.

Most of the time we want to spare some time from our smartphones, and that is where these Do no disturb apps come into work as well. These apps will make sure for you in order to stay productive without wasting unnecessary time on your smartphone.

Why You Need Do Not Disturb Apps (DND)

Most of the time, you get the Do Not Disturb via default on each and every Android smartphone. However, on most of the smartphones, you guys can’t control this feature or customize it. Suppose if you want to set an automatic DND on your smartphone, you guys can’t do it along with the default DND feature. Or, if you want to receive calls from whitelisted contacts only, then the default DND feature of your smartphone can’t really do that.

This is actually the reason Android developers have developed different Do Not Disturb Apps for your smartphone. Along with a good DND app, you guys can not only automate your device to head into the silent mode at many times. However, you can also whitelist some important contacts. It’ll let you customize your calls, SMS, and also notification times according to your choice actually. Or, if you don’t want to get notifications when you play a game on your Android device. Then you can block all the notifications from showing when you are playing a game on your Android smartphone. It’ll aso help you in order to concentrate on your game.

Best Do Not Disturb Apps – You Should Know About

Most do not disturb function silents the phone as well. However, there are some more additional functions provided via the other apps. Here is the best do not disturb apps that will save you time and boost your productivity as well.

Nights Keeper (Do Not Disturb)

  • Emergency Mode: You can turn on the emergency mode on the app, and it’ll only accept calls from a number after many attempts. If the contact is not whitelisted, then you’ll get calls from the contacts after a lot of attempts at your number.
  • SMS Notification: Whenever the Night Keeper app is turned on, then it can send SMS notifications to the numbers that try to call you as well. It’ll inform them that you are busy and can’t receive the call as well.

do not disturb apps

This app will secure you via blocking all the calls, however, not the one that is whitelisted. In order to attend to the important calls and notifications because only those contacts able to pass through it. This is actually one of the best do not disturb app for android as it is really easy to use. And this app also permits building different profiles for weekdays that helps in scheduling your time accordingly.

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Do Not Disturb

  • Turn Off Incoming Calls, SMS, & Notification: This is basically the primary feature of this app. You can set your custom profile on the app and turn on Do Not Disturb as well. You guys have to set a specific time when you create a custom profile. It’ll then automatically activate at that time, and you guys don’t have to do anything. Suppose you guys have a meeting at 11 A.M. You can then set the date and select the start time at 11 A.M. It’ll automatically start at that time and also block all the calls and SMS. If you guys want to receive Calls & SMS from specific peoples, then you can whitelist their numbers on the app.
  • Sync With Calendar: This app automatically syncs along with the calendar of your device. So, if you have put any reminders on the calendar, then you can select to turn on the DND according to your calendar schedule as well.

do not disturb apps

This is another app that is for the ones who don’t actually want to be disturbed during meetings. This app blocks all the calls in silent mode, however, not the whitelisted contacts. It ranks no. 2 in the top Do Not Disturb apps because it has a beautiful user interface. You can add important contacts to the whitelist as well. So if you guys want to use any DND app, then you can consider this.

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Game Mode – Block Notifications during Game Play

  • Block All Notifications when Playing Games: You can block all the notifications on your Android device whenever playing games. It’ll help you to avoid annoying notifications when you turn this on app before playing any game on your Android device. You’ll not receive any notification whenever you are playing games on your Android device.
  • Easy to Use: This app actually has a single but useful feature. So, it’s really easy to use the app. In the app, you get only a single option in order to enable or disable the game mode. There is nothing fancy features or functionality in the app as well. The interface is just really simple, and you can easily turn on Game Mode with the help of this app.

It is a little different from the traditional DND apps actually. As the number of gamers is increasing this app blocks all the calls and notifications whenever you guys are playing games or recording gameplay. Specially designed for gamers when you can play games without even getting disturbed.


  • Schedule DND: You can schedule DND at a particular time and silence your phone automatically.
  • No Ads: Although it is an absolutely free app, you’ll not find any annoying ads on the Polite app as well. This app is absolutely ad-free.

do not disturb apps

Polite is a great productivity app that blocks all the sounds of calls and notifications irrespective of blacklist or white list contacts as well. With a really user-friendly interface, it permits access to many special functions. Also, its ability to sync along with the calendar is awesome. You guys can easily schedule its active hours via time and also on important calendar events.

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Easy DND

  • Customize Calls. Message, Notifications: Easy DND app permits you in order to customize calls, alarms, notifications on your Android device. You can select the Do Not Disturb function for different features. Such as, if you want to block only the SMS or only the Alarms, then you can do that with this app.
  • Colorful Interface: The colorful modern interface of the Easy DND app also makes it one of the simple and easy-to-use app.

This will help you to turn on the do not disturb your phone if it is not there actually. With an attractive and colorful user interface as well. The developers of XDA develop the app in order to make each and every possible function accessible to the user. This app consists of every DND function that you can get on an android phone. It consists of many options, that include full mode, priority only, starred, etc.

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If your phone does not have the Do Not Disturb (DND) Mode, then you can use MUTE it. It just simply mutes all applications for you whenever turned on. Apart from that, MUTE permits you in order to create Do not disturb lists. For instance, you can also create a list for specific applications or games, and it will mute all the notifications/ringtones of the selected apps whenever turned on.

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Do Not Disturb Toggle

Even if your phone does have a DND mode, you guys will face a hard time finding the option. It’s because Airplane mode is more preferred over DND Mode on Android actually. If your phone has a DND mode, however, you are looking for an easy way in order to toggle the option to turn on/off. You need to give the Do Not Disturb Toggle a try actually. It’s just a simple widget app that lets you enable/disable DND Mode right from the home screen actually.


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Call Blocker

  • It blocks any number, spam calls, or fraud numbers with a call blacklist
  • Block Private and Hidden numbers as well
  • Block Incoming calls as well as reject unwanted calls automatically
  • Schedule Call Blocking in order to block calls at a particular time
  • Security Code in order to access call block app and change call block settings
  • Enable whitelist to prevent blocking your favorite contacts/numbers
  • Block unknown contacts, not in your address book too
  • Block international calls and numbers as well

If you guys are looking for a simple DND app that only affects your incoming calls. Then his one is a great one to try. This app will clock all of your calls automatically relying on your DND hours. Furthermore, you get multiple features on automation of this DND feature. So you can turn it on at night to get uninterrupted sleep.

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Do Not Disturb by Darshan

  • Put off your android device in silent mode for an infinite time, unless you set it on
  • Also, put off your android device in silent mode for a particular time period set via you
  • It is a really simple and easy UI
  • Easily share the app along with your friends and family

If you most of the time do meetings then Do nOt Disturb va Darshan is an excellent app to keep. You can schedule your DND hours, the will completely block your notifications or even alarms. This app will clearly help in case of an important meeting actually.

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Well, That all from my side. If you want to know more about this article or have any queries. Then feel free to ask me anything in the comments section below.

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