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Best Browsers For Android Mobile & Tablets

Browsers For Android Mobiles and Tablets
Written by Hassan Abbas

Best Browsers for Android Mobile and Tablets: Searching for a perfect Browser for your Android is a difficult process. Yes, Make sure not all browsers are compatible with your mobile and your preference. For Android, there are lots of web browsers available in various app stores. However, not all browsers work perfectly or smoothly on Android devices and Android tablets. Tablet devices have widescreen, and many applications that work on smartphones aren’t flexible to fit a Tablet’s screen. Also, because browsers are among the core apps one should install on his/her Android device. There are the best browsers for Android Mobiles and tablets. These Browsers are fully compatible with all tablet devices of any screen size also they come with sophisticated features, and they are fully intuitive.

Best Web Browser Apps for Android Smartphones and Tablets

Every Browser App is the best and No.1. But, It can’t happen in real use. However, based on the user and their preference, it may vary. The following browsers listed below are the best in different scenarios. I can say that “You can’t get all your expected features on Single Browser. It’s ok to use More than One Browser.”

Google Chrome- Stree Free Browser

Google Chrome

Chrome is a cross-platform web browser developed by the tech giant Google. Also, it is a super intuitive browser having a lot of handy add-ons and utilities to increase users’ browsing experience. Also, Google Chrome compiles other Google products, including Translate. Chrome has user-friendly UI that every user would understand. Also, its features are convenient for a good browsing experience. It always gives you a perfect UI experience.

The Crash ratio is minimum as compared with other Browser Apps. It can also support regular Android devices and Tablets. Also, It will work best, If you install the app directly from your tablet using Playstore. Many amazing Desktop features are slowly rolling to the Mobile version also. The Password Autofill and Password Leak detection are some features.

Features of Google Chrome

  • Google Translate: After the integration of Google Translate, any page you visit online Chrome will automatically translate the contents to your default language. So you’ll understand the contexts much better and more apparent.
  • Download and view offline: Chrome enables you to download webpages or media in a single click so you can view them next time.
  • Data saver/Lite Mode: Also, Chrome comes with a data saver feature. It helps to minimize your data consumption rate. It loads a “Lite” version of most webpages you visit online. However, simply activate the data saver option in the settings menu.
  • Fast loading Experience: Make sure Chrome loads webpages up to 2x faster in 2G network connection mode.
  • Data Sync: It is quite good than the send link to the device. Besides waiting for sometimes, When you visit a specific page and log in with your same Google Account on PC, It will sync instantly. If you dislike typing the same query on various devices, You can then use Sync feature in Google Chrome once you logged into your account.
  • Hands-free functions: Using Google Voice Search function, Chrome makes it easier for users to visit webpages or search the internet without consulting their keyboard.
  • Video Playback: Video Playback can also work based on Website video functions. The browser can adjust Portrait/Landscape based on the usage.

Install Google Chrome

UC Browser- In-Built Video Player


If you didn’t have trust issues, UC Browser is the best choice in every aspect. I know this browser always receives mixed or combine reviews. Some users didn’t trust this browser because of removing an entry that happened in the Playstore. UC browser is also an ultra-flexible web browser that enables you to do a lot of things. Also, it is a lightweight browser that is compatible with both Android phones and tablets. However, the UC browser enables you to share any media on a webpage to WhatsApp or store them to your phone storage. The browser is quite faster than many other mobile browsers available in various app stores. Also, it comes with an ad-blocking feature and built-in media player for watching music videos or other media directly from the browser.

Features of UC Browser

  • Tons of sharable fun stickers: There are many fun stickers available on the UC browser, which you can share on various social media.
  • Faster download and internet speed: While using the UC browser, you enjoy amazingly fast download/upload speed. Also, you can continue downloading a media once after an extended disconnection from the internet.
  • Facebook mode: This mode enables UC browser users to surf Facebook seamlessly at high speed irrespective of your network condition.
  • Small window mode: Enables you to separate video windows from web pages and keep the video pinned to the top of the page.
  • In-Built Video Player: This one feature also retains most of the users. You can control Brightness, Volume, Fast forward, and Backward within the browser Player. All controls store within the Browser player. So, It can’t affect the General settings of your mobile.

Install UC Browser

CM Browser- Lightweight

CM Browser-Best Browsers for Android

CM Browser is one of the most popular Android browsers. As it is renowned for its simplified UI and the various features it possesses. CM browser also comes to a couple of features you may view in the UC browser. However, its speed and privacy fortification is top of the class. This browser features an ad-blocker, comes with a built-in engine to protect your device from unnecessary internet files/apps/sites. This browser is minimized with essential features, also it is Light Weight. If your mobile/tablet has Less-RAM, you can also use this browser.

Features of CM Browser

  • Protect engine: The built-in engine on this browser helps to protect your phone from unnecessary pages and programs.
  • Smart download and download protection: CM browser also comes with these two features to improve your downloading experience.
  • Font size adjustment: Also, you can modify the font size of a web page while using the CM browser.
  • Page translator: It helps you to translate webpages from one language to another. The browser also supports up to 40 unique world languages.
  • In-Built Video Player: Just like UC Browser, CM Browser also has an In-Built Video player. You can just control Brightness, Volume. But, there is no Swipe Fast forward and Backward within the browser Player. You have to select the timeline manually. All controls stored within the Browser player. So, It can’t affect the General settings of your mobile.

Install CM Browser

Mozilla Firefox Browser- More Secure

Mozilla-Best Browsers for Android

Almost everyone knows about Firefox by Mozilla. This is the fastest browser for Android tablets with lots of features. Also, it supports personalization and enables you to browse in private mode. Firefox is compatible with all Android tablets irrespective of their OS version. Not just this but it also respects the user’s privacy. Using the Firefox browser, you can directly share stuff on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Skype, and much more. Also, Firefox supports streaming videos from your tablet to TV or another supported device. It is a more secure browser. You can also disable not only Ads, but you can also deactivate trackers.

Features of Firefox Browser by Mozilla

  • High privacy: While browsing in the private tab, Firefox works using tracking protection to allow that no one on the internet could trace your activity.
  • Multi-device sync: You can also sync and use Firefox on various devices. You can also gain access to your personalized browser interface from any of the sync devices.
  • Intelligent search: While searching for things, Firefox helps you to get exact results. What you are looking for utilizing different search engines, and other internal tools built-in.
  • Add-ons support: You can further personalize Firefox by downloading any browser add-on of your choice.
  • Reading Mode: When you are going to read ebooks, the feature will come in handy.

Download Firefox Browser

Opera- Best free In-Built VPN Browser

Opera-Best Browsers for Android

The latest versions of the Opera browser come with free, yet useful VPN to help maintain your security online. Opera is the most popular web browser available across many platforms. A browser may be needed. Also, Opera is the pioneer browser when it comes to ad-blocking. Its ad-blocker is the best you can get from a web browser. The built-in VPN is quite efficient.

Features of Opera Browser

  • Ad-blocker: Using Opera’s ad-blocking feature, you’ll get rid of all the irritating ads on any webpage you visit. Also, it will cause the page to load faster.
  • Free unlimited VPN: Opera’s VPN is free and provides you unlimited bandwidth. Your security is undoubtedly secured while using the Opera browser on your tablet.
  • Night mode: The night mode features make it quite easier to browse comfortably during the night hours.
  • Download manager: Opera’s download manager is quite straightforward to manage, and it also speeds up your downloads up to 5-10x.

Install Opera Browser

Puffin- Best Flash Browser


I listed this browser as separate, due to its exclusive features. But some people who need those features will use this. There is no competitor in this category. Yes, If you tried all of the Flash Exclusive features, you come to know why Puffin is best in this category. Also, it has Track Pad Mouse, Joystick to control games. Many flashes need websites that work smoothly. Also, the puffin works on the cloud. So, you’ll be more secure and get an amazing fast experience. Even if it has many features, certainly we may feel we are controlling another device using our device due to the cloud-based browser.

Features of Puffin Browser

  • Ad-blocker: Using Opera’s ad-blocking feature, you’ll get rid of all the irritating ads on any webpage you visit, which will now cause the page to load faster.
  • High privacy: Using browsing in the private tab, Firefox works with tracking protection to make sure that no one on the internet could trace your activity.
  • Protect your identity: However, it doesn’t have an in-built VPN. But like it can secure you from your (ISP) Internet Service Providers. You will get a random IP to secure your data.
  • Blazing Speed: While testing this browser on Speedtest you get the crazy results as 1ms Bing and 300Mbps+ Speed. Also, if you are on a 10-20Mbps Network connection. The process behind this is, Puffin utilizes cloud-based technology. It also makes this browser this much fast.
  • Download manager: You can store your files on Google Drive, DropBox, and Internal storage.

Install Puffin Browser


These are the amazing mobile browsers you can also use on your Android mobile and tablet devices. Also, they have user-friendly UIs, pack many handy features. You can also personalize them or browse privately. As I said earlier, You can’t end up with one browser. Certainly, you need Two or three based on the preference and type of usage. Browsers can be also easy to use for some server like programs. So, Don’t install third-party apps. Always install the apps from Play Store.

Here’s all about the “best browser for Android”. I hope that the list will also help you. If you feel I missed any Browser that is better in the respective category then feel free and comment us below!

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