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Best Apps For Exploring London in 2022

London trip Apps
Written by Albert Finch

A visit to London is a dream for many inhabitants of our planet. This city is an ancient and huge center of world history. When you are in the streets of London you will surely soak in the spirit of Charlie Chaplin’s comedy, Winston Churchill’s political achievements, and the romance of Peter Pan’s sculptures. 

This city actually offers unlimited opportunities for emotions and unforgettable experiences. But this is to make the most of your trip, you can successfully use the best London apps for your own navigation. Your options are greatly increased if you think about your trip in advance. We are happy to share below how to make it happen.

Using Apps Helps Make Your Trip to London Routine Better

Many of us use standard methods of self-navigation and simply use Google search or Google maps to get the travel experience. Yes, this method works to a certain extent. But it will also be a big revelation to you that guys like, create apps that can bring more productivity to your business trip or give you an unforgettable travel experience! If you choose to use apps for your journey, you will actually be surprised at how much your experience has improved! Why does this happen?

First, some of the apps have the ability to present you with accurate information about public transportation. You can buy any bus tickets, train tickets at the London transport app, and so on directly using just the apps. Buy tickets for concerts, events, and movies. Also, use navigation apps that have a database of tourist and traveler reviews of places and events. We’ll share a list of the best apps that will act as a guide on this trip challenging. Check out which getting around London app works best for you.

Citymapper London

Citymapper London is the best London app when it comes to exploring and using different modes of urban transportation. Select your route on the map and explore the possibilities of how to get to your destination. You will have a choice of using buses, subways, trains, and walking routes, as well as the option to use local cab services.

Very convenient: the app notifies you of delays in routes, flight cancellations, and so on. Most tourists use this app and leave a score of 10 or 10. 

Citymapper London is free and available for both Android and iOS.

Station Master

If you’re looking to learn a piece of history through acquiring knowledge of the subway, use one of the London apps that are full of historical information. Station Master is one such app. While riding the subway you are free to use it and learn more about each subway station and the history behind them. 

You can see a 3D map of all the stations, showing the level of congestion, transfer possibilities, and so on. 

The app is free to use on iOS.

Santander Cycles

Don’t want to travel by subway or bus? Explore London in a classic and romantic way: rent a bike and have a different kind of experience. 

Download Santander Cycles, which will show you the locations of docking stations where you can rent a bike. We can safely consider this application as the city planner app, helping with self-navigation and giving additional opportunities for independent movement around the city. A brilliant feature of the app is also the ability to use a map to plot your route. Pay for your ride directly through the app, without unnecessary manipulation. 

Free use Santander Cycles on both iOS and Android.

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TIER Mobility App

Don’t want to get around on your bike by exerting effort? Use TIER Mobility’s quality scooters to enjoy the ride with minimal effort and get the best out of the process. The company works hard to create a memorable experience, which also means having a simple and functional interface. 

It’s not an issue if you run into questions while renting a scooter. Customer support agents are always ready to help and offer an alternative way out of any situation. 

The app is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

Open Table

Once you’ve used travel for London apps, see the sights of the city, or finished your business, you can safely move on to the food! Install the app, which gives you the freedom to choose restaurants and cafes in London. Find a cuisine you like and open a restaurant page. Explore menus and make reservations right away without closing the app! 

Here you’ll find user reviews about service, location, and food. If you’re interested in a particular region of London, we can select an area on the map and see what’s available there. Use filters to find a place more quickly. 

Open Table is available for all platforms.

Visit London

Visit London is a top 1 among the travel apps the UK that families have been using already for a long time. While using Visit London you will comfortably plan your trip if you start preparing for it in advance. Using Visit London requires a little time on your part. Here you can read recommendations for places and sights to visit. Read recommendations for historical sites, exhibitions, concerts, or restaurants. You can choose the right place to visit for free and get unforgettable impressions. 

Use the search to find more specific recommendations and read tourist reviews. The app is available for download on both platforms.


Not sure what event or show to attend? Check out Stagedoor, where users and critics tell you about the latest events and leave honest reviews. It’s perfect for those who plan their entertainment spontaneously. You can also purchase tickets inside the app, which is very convenient. Find out what new cultural events are happening in London with Stagedoor. 

Using the app is free for both iOS and Android

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In Conclusion

Using apps improves our quality of life on a regular basis. From using basic Google Maps to more specific apps, we are able to take the best from our travel or business trips. 

Going to London, prepare for your trip ahead of time. Form an understanding of what your goal is and what you want to accomplish. If you know in advance that your free time will be limited, it will be rational to choose several applications that will be your assistants in this case. As a rule, a set of such applications will be: 

  • Application for self-navigation. 
  • A city transportation map with the ability to buy tickets. 
  • An app for choosing and booking entertainment and restaurant reservations. 

Take the best of London as experienced travelers do. You can always rely on your intuition. Or you can go the tried and tested route and plan your itineraries in advance. This is especially true for those who are flying to London from distant continents. In this case, you simply can’t help but take advantage of the tips and features of the travel better London apps. 

Share your experience in the apps, and help other users have their unique experiences. Improve your travel experience every day with relevant, proven tools. 

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