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What Are The Benefits Of eSIM?

Written by Hassan Abbas

Benefits of eSIM: The majority of us using Physical SIM. Everyone knows that it can get damaged. Sometimes, it may struggle between selecting Bandwidth. If you have multiple SIM cards, you have to take out the Inserted SIM and Put the new SIM every time. This new technology is Invented to remove all these struggles. eSIMs have a lot of benefits. Google already using this technology in its Project Fi Mobile Network and its Pixel mobile series. But, It started becoming more popular after the launch of the iPhone XS series. It is the next-generation SIM technology that will be adopted by many smartphone manufacturers. eSIM stands for Embedded SIM, and it is smaller than traditional sims being used at the moment.

Do You Know What is eSIM?

eSIM is a SIM integrated on a device. In other words, an eSIM comes built-in to a device.  It cannot be possibly removed, unlike traditions SIM cards. eSIMs are pretty much small in size. eSIM allows more components to be added to a smartphone. As it is a new technology gaining waves because of the various advantages it promises to offer.

Also, eSIMs will are integrated on devices. Its carrier information is rewritable and can be updated over the air. So, You won’t be needed to carry the physical SIMs. If you are a regular Traveler, It will be beneficial for you.

Currently Available Devices

  • Pixel 3 Series (Pixel 3, XL, 3a, 3a XL)
  • Pixel 4 Series
  • iPhone XS series, XR
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch (Some Variants)

Benefits of eSIM

Over the Air Updates

You can change the network information of your eSIM at any time over the air. It means that you can switch an eSIM’s network carrier at any time without buying a new SIM. eSIMs offer a wholly unique experience of switching between carriers seamlessly.

eSIMs are more flexible than traditional SIMs

eSIMs provide more flexibility because they eliminate a lot of physical stress for switching carriers and other things. Also, the network has been proved to be more stable.

Creates more space for other essential components

eSIMs create more space for other vital elements to be integrated into smartphones. At least all parts needed to read a traditional SIM. 

Minimizes the number of holes on smartphones

Virtually all new devices come with a SIM extractor. The extractor is punched into a hole in the SIM card tray to pull the tray out and change/insert a new SIM card or memory card. Now, with this technology, there won’t be SIM card trays anymore, and there won’t also be a hole to pinch in the extractor. This somewhat improves the water resistibility of smartphones.

No need to cut your SIM cards anymore

It is a sad reality to buy a new smartphone. As it supports nano-SIM, then you cut your SIM to nano size. You’ll have no choice than to buy a new SIM or look for an adapter. But with eSIMs being embedded on smartphones. You dont need cutting SIM cards anymore.

Reduces risks of physical SIM damage

Many people damaged their SIM cards while attempting to cut them into Micro or Nano sizes. In the Long Run, It can make some connectivity issues. eSIMs will eliminate this risk while offering more flexibility and stability.

How to Activate on Android Mobiles?

The Network side methods may vary depending on Mobile Operators. I will give the steps after you got the QR code from them.

  • You should connect your mobile with Wi-Fi.
    • Go to Settings> Network and Internet> Mobile Network.
  • You will find Advanced Options:
    • Now Select Carrier> Add Carrier> Scan your QR Code.
  • After scanning it will ask for the configuration file download.
  • Now download the file
  • Select Done

Select the Mobile Operator

  • Go to Settings> Network and Internet> Mobile Network.
  • Now select Advanced Options, Now Select Carrier> Confirm your Network.

Need To Know:

How many Mobile Operator Can I use Simultaneously?

If your mobile supports Dual SIM functionality, you can use Two sims standby. But in some Pixel devices, you can only use either eSIM or Physical SIM. In iPhone XS Max, You can use Dual SIM standby.

Can I Delete My Profile?

You should not delete your profile without Physical Card. Or it might take a complicated process to get your Network again.

How Many Network Profiles I can Download?

If you have connections and Mobile plans with your Operators you can use many profiles. There is no limit.

How to change Network types like “LTE”?

There will be no change in your mobile network settings. You can select these options as usual in Settings.

Is Wi-Fi needed All the time to Stay Connect with Mobile operators?

No. You dont need Wi-Fi all the time you just need it when you download the Network profiles. But, When you can have Dual SIM functionality, you can use other Network data to download the profile.

Disable Temporarily

  • Settings> Select Network & Internet >Mobile Network >Advanced > Carrier >eSIM Settings >Disable.

Disable Permanently

This process will delete your Mobile Network profile permanently, So be careful.

  • Settings> Select Network & Internet >Mobile Network >Advanced > Carrier >eSIM Settings >Delete.


To conclude I can say that, In the future, they will add more security measures. Just to stay secure, never download third-party apps other than Play Store. If you have any questions or suggestions, comment us below!

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