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Bendy in Nightmare Run for PC – An Endless runner that Collects the Essence of Cuphead

Bendy in Nightmare Run for PC
Written by Hassan Abbas


Bendy in Nightmare Run for PCBendy in Nightmare Run for PC – a classic vertical runner with grim stylistic levels and hundreds of obstacles. You will find several chapters in each of which you need to resist a variety of monsters. The main task of the player is still to overcome the maximum possible distance. To do this, you need to quickly respond to obstacles, enemies and collect weapons at the same time, which will later be launched into the opponent.

To complete the chapter you need to defeat the boss, who throughout the game pursues you and does not lag behind a single step. Management is given to svaypam, which is responsible for the jump, changing lanes and collecting game currency. As weapons, there will be axes, bricks and other heavy objects. The collected currency will go to the opening of new locations, characters, and their improvement.


+ Stylistics of classic cartoons of the 1930s
+ Dynamic gameplay with user-friendly controls
+ Multiple difficulty levels
+ Variety of characters with the possibility of pumping

Visuals of older cartoons:

The arrival of great Cuphead in the world of video games has made us look back with nostalgia to the classic cartoons of the 30s. This has led many developers have been encouraged to create video games in that line, as shown by Bendy in Nightmare Run for PC. This endless runner not only collects the aesthetics of this type of ancient works but also has a gameplay that pays tribute to Cuphead in a certain way.

Although there is endless runner infinity that has preferred to stay in the playable concepts that were born with the genre, we are living a fairly good time in which you are trying to innovate in this type of video game. Works specially designed for mobile devices that in recent times are adding new playable improvements as in Amazing Katamari Damacy or Rowan McPaddles. Bendy in Nightmare Run goes in this line to make us live continuous confrontations with final bosses in which we will have to flee from them and attack them to try to defeat them.


The control system of Bendy in Nightmare Run is the usual one of tactile devices, but pressing twice on the screen we will be able to attack with the weapon that we have at that moment. A vital mechanic to defeat the final bosses that persecute us and that we will learn organically. And speaking of the bosses, it must be said that they all have a great design. All a clear tribute to the designs seen in the cartoons of the early twentieth century.

Needless to say, we have enough weapons available to launch our enemies, a variety that we also find in terms of skins with which to dress our protagonist. Luckily, these purchases are not abusive to the player and we can get them just by having some skill collecting the typical coins of the stage, which here are cans of bacon soup. Yes, bacon soup.

Excellent Endless Runner:

Bendy in Nightmare Run for PC is an excellent endless runner that has a great visual section that is difficult to find in other games. Yes, there is Cuphead as a clear reference, but it is a very exceptional case. A title that knows perfectly the world of the video game for mobile devices and that knows how to add changes so that the game experience is something different from the usual one.

Play Bendy in Nightmare Run for PC

To use Download Bendy in Nightmare Run for PC. You first need to download and Install Emulator of Your Choice. Here is the List of Top 5 Emulators. or the Bluestacks 3

Play Store:

Bendy in Nightmare Run
Bendy in Nightmare Run
Developer: Joey Drew Studios
Price: Free


Download Bendy in Nightmare Run APK

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