BBC’s Web Sites Blocked in China

BBC's Web Sites Blocked in China
Written by Hassan Abbas

BBC websites were blocked in China after updating to “HTTPS” instead of “HTTP”. 

After the company decided to change the format of its websites, it started to be blocked in China. After passing all the channel addresses to HTTPS, which is considered to be more secure, there is a problem of accessing the BBC sites in China. The BBC proposed using VPN or Psiphon as relevant to the issue.

BBC's Web Sites Blocked in China

So, Why HTTPS?

BBC News’s software engineer James Donohue explained why his websites are transitioning and why it is a green lock on the top left of the BBC pages.

“The fraudulent news is wandering around these days and I want to make sure that the users’ articles do not tamper and their browsing history is not being followed,” he said.

” HTTPS went through HTTPS because it makes it even more difficult for internet service providers to navigate around or record the content pieces you choose,” he said.

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VPNs in China

Most VPNs in China are still in use despite a government ban. VPNs hide the location of the device, which means that it physically points to another place instead of where it is.

The BBC said the masses in China could not access their websites for a week. “We can see contents using local service providers and the masses in China can access it like this”.

“We are urged to comply with Article 19 of the UN Declaration of Human Rights in order to correct this mistake, which was hindered in 2014”.

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