Battlefield 5’s 2nd Alpha Test Performs Weak

Battlefield 5
Written by Hassan Abbas

Battlefield 5‘s second alpha test is taking place next week. The alpha test, which will start on August 14, 2018, will be exclusive to PC players.

Battlefield 5

For the second closed alpha, EA wants players to focus on matching and joining the team. They say it would be better for them to play in normal play.

Battlefield 5

In addition to testing mappings and server stability, weapons, maps, and tools are also being tested. EA aims to create a system that rewards players with more fair, fun and talent.

Battlefield 5

This will be a short test. We try to send as many invitations as we can so that we can pass a successful test process. In this closed alpha test, we will focus on the speed of level advance. We made changes such as more rewarding of more talented players, more rewards of more objective players. We want you to test them in this closed alpha test.”

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The closed alpha test will only be in English. The closed alpha test works with the invitation system. Only the invited players can participate in the closed alpha test. If you are invited to the previous closed alpha test, you will automatically be allowed to play in this closed alpha test.

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