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Battle for the Galaxy for PC – A Clash of Clans Type Game

Battle for the Galaxy for PC
Written by Hassan Abbas


Battle for the Galaxy for PCBattle for the Galaxy for PC. Battle for the Galaxy – this is a great online strategy for space topics in real time. It was created by a first-class team of developers AMT Games Publishing Limited, which clearly did not spare the resources or the forces to create it. There is absolutely everything that should be in a quality space action.

You are an independent space detachment that discovered a suitable planet for life and decided to colonize it. But soon it turned out that this planet is a key springboard in the intergalactic war and it has a huge number of enemy military bases, which only do that they are fighting for their territory. You instantly find yourself in the thick of events, and you have no choice but to defend your base by force and compare the base of the enemy with the ground, which will constantly annoy you.

Be the Best Leader:

In the beginning, under your leadership, there will be small detachments of infantry, but in time you will be able to build a huge and powerful army that can easily destroy enemy bases. Also, you will need to constantly monitor the defenses of your fortifications and improve them as you pass, so that even a galactic mosquito cannot scratch your nose.

Graphics & Visuals:

Download Battle for the Galaxy and get the perfect space strategy in real time, which definitely will not leave you indifferent. This game is endowed with excellent HD graphics and a huge number of special effects that will enable you to plunge into the very thick of battles and get out of it by the winner will only help first-class tactics and a mighty army behind him. Also, remember that by teaming up with other players you will become even stronger because create your own factions or join existing commanders’ associations to together defeat everyone and stay in the winners. Therefore be sure to download Battle for the Galaxy for PC.

Strategy games on mobile devices are one of the most popular genres. A fact that has led us to find works that are extremely similar to each other. While this may discourage many users, this situation also allows us to observe how the developers try to stand out from the rest with their games. Battle for the Galaxy might seem like a strategy game at first, but it has several qualities that place it among the top of its kind.

A Clash of Clans Type Game:

It’s impossible not to think about Clash of Clans when we started playing this Battle for the Galaxy. The resemblance in the playable is tremendously high, but it is also true that it is a formula that usually works very well: we have to build our base, place defenses and recruit an army to invade other users. What has been a lifelong MMO strategy game? Luckily, Battle for the Galaxy has a futuristic setting that gives it a special touch. Although his designs can remember a tad to that masterpiece called Starcraft, does not copy the visual style of that game. It is normal to look at the most important references, but always with their own personality.

Those who have played similar titles will already know what the film is about: we will collect resources, mainly, with our attacks on the bases of other players. This will be fundamental to create a good fortress in which we will have to defend ourselves when we are attacked. The incremental nature of the game will make us go up in level to develop new buildings and troops that will help us with these tasks of attack and defense.

Battle for the Galaxy for PC

Battle for the Galaxy may not have the most original gameplay in the world, but it is a solid title that works very well. Its graphical aspect is resultón and any person will be able to learn to play of very simple form thanks to the complete tutorial with which it counts. An online strategy title that fans of the genre can not ignore.

Play Battle for the Galaxy for PC

To Download Battle for the Galaxy for PC. You first need to download and Install Emulator of Your Choice. Here is the List of Top 5 Emulators. or the Bluestacks 3

Play Store:

Kampf um die Galaxie
Kampf um die Galaxie
Developer: AMT Games AG
Price: Free


Download Battle for the Galaxy APK

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