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Newly Mac User: Learn the Basics of the Mac App Store

Written by Hassan Abbas

For a new Mac user, one of the apps you need to become familiar with is the Mac App Store. From here you can download apps, manage your account, and redeem gift cards. It works basically the same way as it does on iOS.

Let come we’ll show you the basics of the App Store on your Mac. Here’s everything you need to know.

Basics of the Mac App Store

These are the basic things you need to know about it:

  • Navigate the App Store
  • Apps on the App Store
  • Update your apps
  • Other App Store settings
  • View your account
  • Redeem a gift card


When you open the App Store on your Mac, you’ll see some navigation on the left. With categories like Work, Play, Discover, Arcade, Create, and Develop. From here you can jump to one of those topics for corresponding apps.

The Categories option will show you all of the App Store categories from Business to Weather to Utilities. It’s a great way to browse the store if you know the type of app you want. You can also search the app simply write the app name in the search app and the resultant app will open.

You can also navigate the App Store using your menu bar. With the App Store open, you can tap Store in the menu bar to jump to a section.

Apps on the App Store


When you click to view an app on the App Store, you’ll get a wealth of information about it. You can see things like:

  • description
  • ratings and reviews
  • version history
  • age rating
  • languages
  • and much more

An app having a price listed is obviously a paid app. If you want to purchase a paid app, you’ll confirm your purchase by entering the Apple ID and password associated with your account. The payment method you have set up for your account will be charged that fee.

Update your apps


For apps updation, you can find out easily by checking the Updates area of the App Store. Then, tap the Update button to download the newest version.

Adjust your settings so that you receive updates automatically. Simply open the App Store and click App Store > Preferences from the menu bar. Then check the box for Automatic Updates.

Other App Store preferences


Once you open those App Store Preferences to receive automatic updates, you’ll see a few other settings you can enable if you like.

If you want to automatically download apps purchased on other Mac, have videos, or participate in ratings and reviews, you can mark those checkboxes.

View your account


For account access, you can either click your name on the bottom left of the App Store window or click Store > View My Account from the menu bar. Then click View My Information at the top of the window and then sign in.

Redeem a gift card


After receiving a gift card from App Store you can redeem it towards app purchases as well. Simply access your account information once more and next to View My Information. Then click Redeem Gift Card and sign in if prompted.

Once you redeem a gift card, those funds will show in your account. When you make an App Store purchase, you can use those funds instead of the payment method you have set up.


Any questions or queries about the App Store as a new Mac user? If so, feel free to comment below!

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