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Tech enthusiast with too many items on his wish-list and not nearly enough money! Specializing in all things tech, with a slight Apple bent he has been writing for various blogs for the best part of (too many) years

Ways to Disable Hyper-Threading On Your PC?

Hyper-Threading is an Intel IA-32 processor.  Hyper-threading helps users to increase their CPU speed. When users want to increase their speed. The one thing that helps users to increase their CPU speed is the...
Auto Rotate

Ways to Fix Auto Rotate on Android

  Auto Rotate is used to switch between two different viewing modes. Android mobiles having two kinds of display. Portrait mode and landscape. Portrait mode holds vertically. The landscape mode holds horizontally. one is. To...
Password Protect

Password Protect: To protect Photos On Android

Password protection can help you to protect your photos on your device. In this era, almost everyone uses the mobile more than that Pc. We have to take care of our important data stores...
Create Backup

Create Backup: Create A Backup Before Upgrading iOS 14

Apple always forces the users to create backup on your device before update the device. Apple has done beta testing with iOS14 and iPadOS14.  After that Apple launched the iOS 14 and iPad OS...
Windows 10

Windows 10 :Ways to Increase RAM In Windows 10

In Windows 10 now you can also increase the RAM. Almost all the users of the  Windows operating system know about the ReadyBoost system. This feature is available in the windows vista system. That...
Android 11

You Need to Know Android 11 Features

Android 11 OS Stable version was released on September 08, 2020. It is the current stable version of Android 10 and all the satisfactory Pixel devices users are able to straight away install it....
Android features

Android Features: 11 Best Android Features

To get android 11? Android features are one of the best features. The updates of the Android OS are a bit slow.  It takes a phase-type process.  And sometimes a month and in some cases...
Hyper-Threading on PC

How to Turn off Hyper-Threading On PC

Hyper-Threading is an Intel IA-32 processor architecture aspect. Nowadays when users are seeing to boost their CPU's speed, Hyper-Threading is always there for their help. Hyper-Threading also works as a rescuer for users when...
Auto rotate not working

Auto Rotate Not Working on Android: How to Fix it

Android smartphones come with two kinds of display seeing orientation. Similarly one is portrait mode when you hold the device vertically. While the second one is landscape mode. There is the auto-rotate function, two...
Code 2495 Couldn't Grant Reward

Code 2495 Couldn’t Grant Reward: Fix Battlefront Error

Error Code 2495 couldn't Grant Reward looks to appear to a lot of unlucky players nowadays according to multiple reports. But it should be noted that the specific issue appears on all the platforms...