Augmented Reality from Pokemon GO will Learn to Recognize Objects and Become Open

Augmented Reality from Pokemon GO
Written by Hassan Abbas

During a special conference for journalists, Niantic, which developed Pokemon GO and Ingress, shared its grandiose plans: to bring the augmented reality to a new level and make it available to other developers.

According to Niantic, the company is now working on improving its real-world platform called Real World Platform. One of the main goals that developers seek is to improve computer vision and neural networks for more accurate recognition of real-world objects. All modern platforms of augmented reality do not know how to recognize the depth of objects (perceiving only their planes). The technology that will identify the real-world objects in Niantic was called occlusion.

Augmented Reality from Pokemon GO

Also in the company, they want virtual objects to interact with each other in augmented reality. This will allow the multiplayer mode to be implemented. Similar has already made Apple in its ARKit 2.0.

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In the coming months, Niantic plans to open its Real World Platform API for third-party developers, but initially, it will only be available to selected studios. Subsequently, augmented reality from the US company will be available to everyone, but it is not yet clear on what terms Niantic will allow it to be used.

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