Audiobookbay Alternatives to Download Audio Books

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In the 21st century, everyone wants to increase their brain’s size along with some book knowledge. However, no one has the time or the energy actually in order to sit down or read. Most folks don’t prefer audiobooks instead, they love physical copy or hardcover as the reading experience is different from the audiobooks. However, keeping in mind the needs of the next generation and their busy schedule, folks don’t get time to complete the entire book. Just read this article to know about Audiobookbay Alternatives to Download Audio Books.

Whereas Audiobooks help you in order to read your favorite books online and also keep you more organized. Audiobooks bring together the best of both worlds actually. The joys of a good story and the convenience of easy listing as well. They also serve as a great way to time pass if you guys are cooking up your favorite dish or out for a long drive.

Audiobookbay Alternatives to Download Audio Books

Audiobooks are nothing, however, a person reading books out loud to you. Such as, you guys don’t need a book in front of you to read it. If you need your headphones or a speaker connected to your phone, and also the person will read the book out to you as well.

If you guys don’t have a lot of time to sit and read a book, then audiobooks are a perfect option for you actually.


  • All audiobooks and eBooks on Lit2Go can be downloaded or streamed on-site as well.
  • You guys can access your favorite audiobooks on any device, iOS, Windows, or even Android.
  • Has a really attractive and user-friendly interface.
  • No registration or sign-up needed in order to access audiobooks on Lit2Go. Everything is absolutely free.

It also offers one of the finer-looking free websites for audiobooks actually. The throwback site run through Florida’s educational technology clearinghouse also contains a comprehensive collection of downloadable short stories and poems as well. You can browse via author title, genre collection, and also even reading level.

The bulk of the audiobooks can also be downloaded as a single mp3 or short segment passages of particular chapters. The home page search options are also a nice touch, as is the black and white artwork accompanies each and every title and book collection.


Libby | audiobookbay

  • A really wide library of some of the latest eBooks and audiobooks.
  • All contents are free for all
  • It supports content download as well as onsite reading.
  • Attractive and user-friendly interface.
  • Contents are neatly arranged into categories.
  • Comes with a search tab for much easier content access.

If you love high-quality eBooks and also audiobooks, Libby is probably the best site for you. It comes with a wide collection of content in different genres. You guys will enjoy access to collections from your local library and many more. And all the contents are brought to you through OverDrive free of charge.


For ease of accessibility on the go, Libby also has an Android and iOS app that you can use in order to access your favorite audiobooks anywhere anytime. Something to note about Libby is that it actually has an inbuilt eBook reader and also an attractive audiobook player. Users also have the option of sending books to the Kindle for reading as well.


Open Culture

  • It contains books and audiobooks in many languages.
  • You can also have free language lessons here.
  • The website contains movies and textbooks that are free of cost.
  • They do not have a college credit offered whenever finishing a course.
  • User-friendly interface
  • Contents are arranged into categories for easy access.

There are hundreds of audiobooks located on this website actually. Not just that, if you want to learn a new language starting from scratch, you can also select to learn it from here. They actually have lessons in English, Chinese, French, Arabic, German, Spanish, and many more languages offered via the site. There are more than a thousand online courses that are for free, textbooks, movies, and even business courses as well.

You guys can download different courses that are from MIT, Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Oxford, Berkeley, and many other prestigious institutions. You can also download all of the video and audio courses that they offer straight to your PC or your MP3 player.

There are even MOOCs or huge Open Online Courses on this website. This is the real home of the latest audiobook variety. They have the widest collection of contents that I know of. Like Audiobooks Bay, all the contents on this site are actually free of charge as well. You can also select to download or simply stream online.


Thought Audio | audiobookbay

  • Turns on users in order to download PDF formats of the audiobooks
  • Vast selection of titles
  • Enables users to either stream or also download audiobooks

Supplying online audiobooks because 2004. Thought audio also offers free audiobooks on some specified genres. It also offers some great books such as Quotations of Mahatama Gandhi, The Mark on the Wall via Virginia Wolf, Alice in the Wonderland via Lewis Carroll.

These books are free of charge for those who can actually access the internet. Their main motto is basically to make classic literature available to anyone that are willing to listen. You can also make donations to them via Paypal.

This website is able to give users access to its contents via the donations they receive and it also helps that. Such as LibriVox, users can volunteer in order to narrate audiobooks.


Loyal Books

  • Up to 7000 free audiobook titles
  • There are multiple languages supported
  • The left-hand side panel of categories for ease of access actually

Another great audiobook resource and alternative to AudiobookBay is Loyal Books as well. It used to be called Books Should Be Free (we totally agree) and also most of its content is focused on Children’s Literature, Fantasy, and also Mystery as well.

You guys can easily browse this website’s selection via tapping the top 100 audiobooks or through searching specifically for the audiobook’s title, author, or keyword as well. More than 7000 Free downloadable audiobooks and ebooks. It also has a great collection of books categorized into many topics and ebooks for download in few formats from kindle Mobile to pdf to the audiobook.

The website actually has a collection of books such as StarTrek: Lost Frontier, H Rider haggard’s book King Solomon’s Mines, Charles Dicken’s famous Oliver Twist, Treasure Island via Robert Louis Stevenson, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s, Return of Sherlock Holmes, and many others as well. Thus the options are alot, and no excuse for us NOT to read actually.


Extratorrent | audiobookbay

  • It has lots of educational and self-development content for all of the curious users.
  • It also even has user instructions and demos for different language selections.
  • Video and audio podcasts are full of content along with interesting topics.
  • Contents are provided in many languages
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Contents are nicely categorized for easy access.

Largest torrent site for audiobooks as well. There’s also good news for you. If you don’t like to pay for books, however, you are addicted to reading books, then this is for you. You guys don’t have to pay for these books & also don’t have to borrow them from the library.


Download any book for free of cost and also listen to them on your PC, phone, and even on your tablet. Get free access to millions of audiobooks from all over the globe. It has a clean interface, that makes it easy for you to find your favorite audiobook as well.

It is also important to note that the platform has some self-development and educational podcasts as well. The topics here are so varied that include politics, science, technology, business, just to mention a few. The podcast contents are carefully handpicked in order to suit the target audience.


Storynory | audiobookbay

  • The best Audiobook Bay alternatives for children’s content.
  • The website is pretty easy to navigate.
  • There are lots of book categories and lots of them.
  • There is also a strict content moderation.
  • Attractive and friendly user interface as well.
  • Wide range of audiobooks and eBooks as well.

Storynory is a really great source of audiobooks that are tailored for children. This website also offers a vast selection of audiobooks along with kid-friendly genres such as fairy tales, myths, poems, and also even educational materials. Audiobook stories also narrates in a way that kids may also find pleasant and enjoyable.

Storynory is basically an amazing source of audiobooks for parents who are actually looking for additional ways in order to keep their kids entertained on a long drive or also for parents who are simply looking for new bedtime stories. Get Fantastic audiobooks for kidsalong with no ads. These stories also help you in order to improve your skills both in listening and acquiring new vocabs as well. It also has gentle stories that relax you and help you to fall asleep.


Librivox | audiobookbay

  • There are absolutely free books on the website.
  • You can also select to download the audiobooks.
  • There are different language options for you in order to choose from.
  • There are only public domain books, hence having limited selections.
  • There’s a search tab for easy content access as well.
  • Comes along with a user-friendly interface
  • Content available in many languages.

Librivox readers access famous books narrated via contributors. The website is community-driven, along with 1439 non-English volumes in 36 languages. The platform has more than 8,000 registered readers and 10,978 audiobooks in total as well.

It is actually a group of more than a thousand enthusiastic folks located worldwide who work via the internet to record books, poems, and documents in the public domain as well. They add 20 audiobooks each and every week, so there are a lot of options you can select from.


  • You can subscribe to the feed on iTunes so that you guys will get free audiobooks.
  • There are links to the e-book counterpart of the free books as well.
  • You can search for books via the popularity and genre.
  • It has free and paid audiobooks as well as e-books from Audible and LibriVox.
  • It also has a wide collection of the latest as well as old audiobook varieties as well
  • Attractive user interface too.


Before being called as, it was basically Librophile. It is actually a website that compiles both paid and free audiobooks that are also coming from Audible and LibriVox. These books do not have a monetary value, however, then they are all compiled in a single website inside So that you guys can look for it and access them without any hassle as well.

Further | audiobookbay

The user interface is also simple yet attractive. This allows for easy access to your favourite audiobooks with no much stress. Something else I like about is that its contents are arranged into categories. Therefore, You can find whatever audiobook you are seeking by simply filtering through the right categories.

The browsing of the books inside the website is not that mixed up, meaning the searching of the paid books is separated from the searching of the free books. You can also choose in order to look for the book using its title, of course.

Not just that, if you guys want to do that, you may look for the book via its popularity! There are free books that you can download, or you can also select to download the audiobook in one single zip file or via chapter as well. If you want to buy some of the books, then there is a preview given to you so that you guys can decide if to buy it or not as well.


Well, That all from my side. If you want to know more about this “audiobookbay” article or have any queries. Then feel free to ask me anything in the comments section below.

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