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How To Open Any ASPX File – ASPX to PDF

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Computers, phones, etc. are a really great source of storage and they save lots of data & files in them which are in different formats according to their usage. Such as, the .docx file format is used for creating documents, the .pdf file format is also used for read-only documents where you guys won’t be able to make any changes, as well. Furthermore, if you have any tabular data, such data files are in .csv format, and if you guys have any compressed file it will be in .zip format. Lastly, any file developed in the .net language is in ASPX format, as well. In this article, we are going to talk about How To Open Any ASPX File – ASPX to PDF. Let’s begin!

Some of these files can also open easily and some of them have to be converted into another format for accessing them and the ASPX format file is one of them as well. The files which are in ASPX format cannot open directly in Windows and they actually have to first convert into PDF format.

ASPX file: ASPX basically stands as an extension of Active Server Pages. This is first developed and also introduced by Microsoft company. A file along with ASPX file extension is an active server page extended file that is actually designed for Microsoft’s ASP.NET framework. Microsoft’s website and many other websites have an ASPX file extension rather than other extensions. Such as .html and .php. ASPX files actually generates via a web server and contain scripts and source codes. That helps communicate to a browser how a web page should open and display as well.

Windows don’t really support ASPX extension and that is why if you guys want to open the .aspx extension file you won’t be able to do this. The only way to open this file is just to first convert it to another extension that is supported by Windows. Generally, ASPX extension files are actually converted into PDF format. Since the .aspx extension file can also easily read in PDF format as well.

How To Open Any ASPX File – ASPX to PDF

There are many ways to open the.ASPX file and some of them are given below:

Convert the file into PDF file

As ASPX is an Internet media type document, so with the help of modern browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, etc. you can view & open the ASPX file on your computers by converting them into PDF files.

To use the web browser to view the file, you need to follow the below steps:

  • First, right-click on the file has .aspx extension.
  • From the menu bar that appears, tap on Open with.
  • Now under the open with context menu choose Google Chrome.

Note: If Google Chrome does not appear then tap on “Choose another app” and browse under Program file. Then choose the Google Chrome folder and finally choose the Google Chrome application. 

  • Tap on Google Chrome and now your file can also easily open locally in the browser.


You guys can choose any other browser also like Microsoft Edge, Firefox, as well.

Now you guys can view your ASPX file in any of the Web browsers supported by Windows 10. However, if you want to see the ASPX file on your PC, then first convert it into pdf format and then you guys can easily view the contents of the ASPX file as well.

In order to convert the ASPX into pdf follow the below steps:

  • First of all, open the ASPX file in the Chrome browser then tap on Ctrl + P key in order to open the Print page pop-up window.
  • Now from the Destination drop-down just choose “Save as PDF“.
  • After choosing Save as PDF option, just tap on the Save button marked along with blue color to convert the ASPX file into a pdf file.

After completing the above steps, your ASPX file will convert into the pdf file and you guys can open it on your PC and can see its content easily.

Rename the file ASPX file

If you guys try to open the .aspx file extension but find out that Windows is unable to open this file extension. Then one simple trick can permit you to open this type of file. you have to rename the extension of the file from .aspx to .pdf and voila! Now the file will open in PDF reader without even any issues as PDF file format support via Windows.

To rename the folder from the .aspx extension to .pdf, you have to follow the below steps:

  • To rename any file, first of all, just make sure that your computer settings are now set up in such a way that you can see the extension of any file. So, for that just follow the below steps:
    • Open the Run dialog box through pressing Windows key + R.
    • Then type the below command in the Run box.

Control folders

    • Tap on OK or hit the enter button on your keyboard. Below dialog box will then appear.
    • Then switch to the View Tab.
    • Now uncheck the box corresponding to Hide extensions for known file types.
    • Tap on Apply button and then click on the OK button.
  • As now you guys are able to see the extensions for all the files, just right-click on your .aspx extension.
  • Choose Rename from the right-click on the context menu.
  • Now just change the extension from .aspx to .pdf
  • You guys will get a warning that via changing the extension of the file, it may also become unusable. Tap on Yes.
  • Your file extension will now also change to .pdf as well

Now the file opens in the PDF format that supports via Windows. So just go ahead and open it. Read as well as see the information in the file without even any issues.

Many times, the above method does not really work as simply renaming the file can corrupt the contents of the file. In that case, you have to look for alternative methods that we have discussed below.


Well, That is all from my side. If you want to know more about this article or have any queries. Then feel free to ask me anything in the comments section below.

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