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Arc the Rat R for PC/Windows/Mac – Premiere of a Legendary Saga

Written by Hassan Abbas


Arc the Rat R for PCArc the Rat R for PC. The video game for mobile devices continues to be an ideal destination for mythical sagas of role-playing games. Arc the Lad R is the new estate of this franchise that we met in the times of PlayStation. A tactical RPG of turn-based combats where the story has a tremendous weight, as well as its beautiful graphics section that will remind us of the golden age of RPGs on 32-bit consoles.

The Arc the Lad saga may not be as prolific as Final Fantasy or Shin Megami Tensei, but it is a game franchise much loved by fans of the genre. Arc the Lad R is not only the premiere of these games on mobile devices but is a direct continuation of the events that occurred in Arc the Lad 2, a game that arrived in 1996 for the first PlayStation.

The Plot:

The plot of Arc the Rat R for windows takes place 10 years after the Great Disaster that we lived in Arc the Lad 2, so we are going to meet old acquaintances of the saga. Not only will we have a full roster of well-known characters for those who have played the first two installments of this RPG, but we will also discover new characters created especially for this release.

History has a fundamental role in this game, but the fighting is not far behind. So much so that each chapter of the game we play is divided into two distinct parts: text scenes where we advance in history and confrontations against enemies that get in our way. Some combats that remind us of those lived in titles like Fire Emblem, since we will be fighting in turns in scenarios divided into grids.

Tactical Gameplay:

Combats where it will be vital to create a balanced team of characters so as not to fall defeated at the first exchange. The making of our team will be determined by the types of characters and by the different synergies that exist between them to be able to hit our rivals more strongly. And yes, we have the typical Gacha system to get more and more characters.

Arc the Rat R for Mac is a great role-playing game in all its sections. A title that has managed to adapt very well to touch devices and is very enjoyable despite having collected the voices of the genre for mobile: Gacha system, a farmer of objects that will make us repeat battles continuously, waiting time if we exhaust certain items … No, It is somewhat abusive as we have seen in other titles, but it is the price to pay to enjoy this type of productions for free.

Of course, let’s play Arc the Lad R in perfect Japanese because for now, it’s only available in that language. As soon as it arrives in the West, if it arrives, we will tell you. But for now, you can enjoy their superb combat from our website and without geographical restriction problems.

Play Arc the Rat R for PC

To Download Arc the Rat R for PC. You first need to download and Install Emulator of Your Choice. Here is the List of Top 5 Emulators. or the Bluestacks 3

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