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New AR Sensor Coming to 2020 iPad Pro and iPhone Models

AR and VR Headset as Soon as 2021
Written by Hassan Abbas

New AR Sensor Coming to 2020 iPad Pro and iPhone Models, AR/VR Headset as Soon as 2021: Following a report from The Information this morning. The report summarizing a recent internal Apple meeting. That pegged the release of Apple’s augmented reality headsets for the 2022–23 timeframe. Rather than the more aggressive 2020 window that has previously been rumored. Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman has shared additional information on the company’s AR roadmap that will initially focus on the iPad and iPhone before the glasses come to fruition.

According to Gurman:

Apple is working on “a range of augmented and virtual-reality devices” based around a new 3D sensor system. It will arrive first on a new iPad Pro slated for release in the first half of next year, and followed by the 2020 iPhones later in the year.

A new ‌iPad Pro‌ for release as early as the first half of 2020. It will feature a new module i.e:

  • Two camera sensors
    • Up from one of the current model
    • And a small hole for the 3-D system
  • Letting people create three-dimensional reconstructions of rooms, objects, and people

The Cupertino, California-based technology giant also plans to add the sensor to new high-end iPhones later in 2020 along with 5G networking capabilities.

Moving beyond existing devices, Apple is said to be targeting 2021 or 2022 for the release of a combination VR and AR headset focused on “gaming, watching the video and virtual meetings.” A lighter weight set of AR glasses could follow as soon as 2023.

The 3D sensor system to be used in the upcoming is said to be a more advanced version of the current Face ID sensor, and Apple’s engineering teams are working on creating linkages to the new “rOS” operating system for these headsets that will let them work with existing iOS devices.


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