Apple will Completely Abandon Lightning in Favor of USB-C in 2019

Apple Type-C Cable
Written by Hassan Abbas

The authoritative DigiTimes publication reported with reference to its sources that Apple will replace the Lightning port with the USB Type-C in the iPhone’s 2019 line. This decision of the “apple” corporation, one of the largest players in the mobile market, will definitely positively affect the prevalence of USB Type-C. If this rumor is reliable, by 2020, mobile device manufacturers are likely to completely abandon the outdated micro USB port.

At the moment, Apple uses Lightning in all of its mobile devices. At the very beginning of its existence, this interface surpassed analogs, but the USB Type-C introduced in 2014 eclipsed it. This specification USB can withstand power up to 100 W (equivalent to 20 V and 5 A) – for comparison, most technologies for quick charging of smartphone batteries require 18 watts. In addition, USB-C allows data transfer at speeds up to 10 Gb/s.

Apple Type-C Cable

Apple Type-C Cable

Based on the advantages of the current USB specification described above, Lightning wins Type-C only in mechanical strength. Perhaps Apple will start using the new interface precisely because of the outdated Lightning (perhaps the upcoming devices from the “apple” corporation will get a real quick charge). In this case, the new ports will most likely appear not only in the iPhone of 2019 but also in the iPad.

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