Apple Wants to Get Rid of Lightning, Leaving Only Wireless Charging

Lightning iPhone 7
Written by Hassan Abbas

Yesterday we wrote that Apple plans to release a charging mat AirPower in September this year, that is exactly one year after its announcement. According to journalist Mark Gurman, who is the chief Apple-insider of the Bloomberg publication, this delay is associated with some technical problems. In addition, according to Mark, the company from Cupertino is considering the possibility of completely eliminating wired charging in future iPhone models.

It is reported that even during the production of the iPhone X, Apple planned to remove the Lightning connector with the “Home” button, leaving only wireless charging. However, this technology was inferior to the traditional wired battery charging method. In addition, it would increase the already high cost of a smartphone. Therefore, they decided to abandon such an idea, at least for some time.

Lightning iPhone 7

Lightning iPhone 7

Apple is successfully moving towards a wireless future by developing this technology. In 2016, the company abandoned the audio connector 3.5 mm, thereby promoting a new trend in the masses. If the iPhone loses the Lightning port, this will undoubtedly be another controversial decision, because it is used not only to charge the smartphone, but also to transfer audio, and also to synchronize the device with iTunes on a Mac and PC. In addition, this will lead to the fact that iPhone can not directly connect to a wide range of accessories, including various adapters, external chargers, controllers and so on. Wireless alternatives, unfortunately, so far not so much.

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Everything goes to the fact that Apple eventually abandons all wires and extra buttons. A few years ago, the chief designer of the company Johnny Ive said that the main task for Apple is to create an iPhone that looks like a single piece of glass. Consumers will have to take it for granted, and the rest of the manufacturers will follow suit. So, at one time all reconciled with the transition from the 30-pin connector to the Lightning, then with the rejection of the 3.5 mm jack, and now with the cut-out on the screen.

In any case, while wireless charging has not become massive, Apple has a few years left. According to rumors, during this time the company will replace Lightning with USB-C.

Via: Macrumors

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