Latest Apple Videos Focus On Women In Tech & Diversity

Latest Apple Videos Focus On Women In Tech & Diversity
Written by Hassan Abbas

Do you know the latest Apple Videos focus on women in tech & Diversity? Apple United Kingdom today shared several new videos through its official YouTube channel.

Some of the female engineers highlighted include people working on Apple’s camera and iOS Photos team and manufacturing engineers. One of the clips focusing on the company’s App Store specialist who is deaf.

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Divya – Manager, Human Interface Devices team

“Divya, an engineer, has a passion for the connection between health and happiness. She brings that to her role on the Human Interface Devices team. Her group is responsible for developing the unique sensors on Apple Watch.”

Emilie – Engineering Manager, iOS Photos and Camera Engineering team

“Emilie has always been an amazing photographer. And that passion is a big part of what drives her commitment to the customer’s photographic experience. She and her team are always working on better ways. They help people take beautiful photos, no matter what their skill level.”

Jen – Advanced Manufacturing Engineer

“Jen designs automation for final assembly. She is working with the Product Design teams. She visits China for hands-on engineering experimentation to find the balance between the best possible product and the best possible way to manufacture it. Jen has the freedom to explore ideas and use her imagination all day.”

Mariana – Specialist, Apple Century City

“Mariana understands the importance of connecting with everyone who visits her store. She is a member of the deaf community. So she knows customers are always amazed by the impact Apple products have on her. But for her, it’s much more rewarding to show customers amazing experiences that can help them enrich their own lives.”

Cecile – Manager, Computer Vision / Machine Learning Hardware Acceleration

“Cecile and her team develop the software layers that enable hardware acceleration for neural networks on Apple platforms. Which delivers real-time performance for a variety of applications. However, she attributes these great customer experiences to some inspiring collaboration among a diverse group of people at Apple.”

Melissa – Genius

“What about Melissa?

Melissa thought of herself as more of a people person than a tech person. But she was eager to learn. Therefore, today she’s certified to repair Apple hardware. Although she considers her customer experiences the most rewarding part of her day.”

Sujin – Expert, Apple Highcross

“Sujin loves photography, especially portraits. Similarly, the affinity for exploring the person-to-person connection is what drew her to a role at the Apple Store. She learns from customers and they learn from her.”

Apple and women in tech

On the surface, this is Apple’s love letter to engineers.

But I also see a company that focuses on diversity and helping people with disabilities by leading by example by creating a picture of what’s possible (especially the Mariana clip). It is no coincidence that nearly all of the aforementioned promotional videos feature women.

As the issue of women’s leadership in Silicon Valley has been all over the news for a long time, Apple seems to be making a proactive effort that they’re being very transparent about. Just recently, for example, the Apple Women’s Entrepreneur Camp has wrapped up its first year and is now accepting new applications for the next cohort in 2020.

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