Some Apple Stores Test Extended AppleCare+ Initial Eligibility

Some Apple Stores test extended AppleCare+ initial eligibility
Written by Hassan Abbas

If you purchase a new Apple product that can be covered by AppleCare+. Then you’ve 60 days to sign up for the extended coverage service. But it looks like Apple may be considering a change to the rule.

According to users, Currently, Apple is testing an AppleCare+ initial eligibility window. But Currently, these tests are underway at choosing retail Apple Stores in the US. And the test extends the initial sign-up date for the service between 61 days and up to a full year after the initial purchase date.

Apparently this week Apple started the test. Unsurprisingly it involves an extra step to be considered eligible but this extra step actually makes sense.

According to the report:

If a device owner wants to enroll in AppleCare+ then they will need to bring in the device for a Genius Bar appointment.

The case technician will run some diagnostics tests. It makes a visual inspection of the device, all in an effort to make sure it’s eligible for coverage. Basically, Apple wants to verify the device that isn’t already broken in some way.

We were initially told the eligibility was for up to two years, but another source said the duration was 1 year.

Pilot Program:

The pilot program is rolling out to 50 or so Apple Stores in the US, as well as all 29 locations in Canada. It is unclear how long the program will remain available.

The pilot program definitely covers the iPhone, but it seems like it also covers the iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and other devices. This is a pilot program, though, and it sounds like only choose Apple Stores are currently trialing it. So it’s possible that your local store might not be participating. If you want to check it then give your store a call and ask about the pilot program.

AppleCare+ is Apple’s extended warranty option for different products, including the brand new AirPods Pro. It provides two and three years of additional coverage beyond the standard one year warranty.


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