Apple Stops Signing iOS 11.3.1, from now you have to update to iOS 11.4 or a later version

Apple iOS 12
Written by Hassan Abbas

Apple continues with its way of pushing all developers and users to not take a step back. The company has stopped digitally signing iOS 11.3.1, so that from now on it is impossible to return to that version by doing a downgrade from iOS 11.4 or the iOS 12 beta.

It’s only been a month since Apple did exactly the same thing with iOS 11.3, a pretty fast pace to keep users from having less recent versions of the system. iOS 11.4 is as much as the only stable version that we should all have installed right now.

Apple iOS 12

Apple iOS 12

Beware of going back to iOS 11 from iOS 12

We are in a very delicate moment. Many of you will have a lot of desire to try the first beta of iOS 12, even when this beta is still reserved only for developers. If you do, you may want to use iOS 11 again after a while with iOS 12. And taking that step back can be a problem.

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Remember that iOS 12 is a test version, with instability, and in some cases, a backup made from that beta is not compatible with the backups that the stable version, iOS 11, does. That means that maybe not You can recover your personal data if you do the downgrade, something that fits perfectly into the set of risks that must be taken when testing a beta.

Therefore, now that there is so much desire to install betas, be especially careful with the backup copies if you dare to do so.

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