Apple Starts to Fight Spam in iOS 12

Spam in iOS 12
Written by Hassan Abbas

Presenting to WWDC a new version of its mobile system, Apple told, it would seem, all the major innovations in iOS 12. Nevertheless, some important changes were ignored. As reported on the official website of the company in the section for developers, iOS 12 has an extremely necessary function – the ability to report unwanted calls and block phone numbers using third-party applications.

Developers of such applications can now add to the “Settings” an additional parameter Unwanted Communication (unwanted communication). After its activation, users will see the “Report” option in the “Phone” and “Messages” applications, which will allow them to report on the advertising mailings and calls. This option starts an extension to collect additional information. If the number is blocked by the user, it falls into a special list.

Spam in iOS 12

It is assumed that this opportunity has come about thanks to the official request of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). In this country, the problem of spam is very common, every day, smartphone owners receive up to 10 unwanted calls and messages. In 2016, Indian developers have created a mobile application to combat spam.

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On Android, the program worked without problems, but the iOS version was not allowed in the App Store because of the requested application access to messages and call log. Thanks to the changes in iOS 12, the situation should now be resolved.

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