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“Apple rotted after Jobs’s death” – a former employee of the company

Written by Hassan Abbas

According to information from the dismissed engineer, Apple has ceased to monitor product quality and practices breach of contracts.

A former Apple employee, Darren Eastman, issuing his past employer because of his own dismissal and patent infringement. The engineer told journalists a few interesting details about the transformation of Apple after the death of CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs.


Eastman worked in the company since 2006, when he was invited by Jobs himself. The latter liked the idea of inexpensive Mac computers for educational institutions. This is mainly what Darren worked for. He was hired immediately after graduating from high school. As the former employee of Apple states, it was he who came up with the Find my iPhone function, as well as several other developments.

According to information from Darren, under Jobs’s leadership, Apple had more order and control over product quality. For example, Steve asked Eastman to report regularly and directly about some flaws or problems in the teams. After the departure of Jobs in 2011, much has changed.

“Many talented employees who gave Apple many years of their lives, now either do not have the opportunity to talk about internal problems in the team, or receive penalties for past activities in this direction,” Eastman said.

The most important goals in the current Apple, according to Darren, are ignoring problems and minimizing costs, including taxes. The company neglects honesty with respect to its employees, avoids trials in every possible way and tries to avoid uncomfortable laws. And reports about problems directly to Tim Cook are either not perceived at all, or go only to the detriment of their source.

Also, Eastman mentioned the story of one top manager at Apple, who was fired “for the opinion voiced about the project at a large meeting.” This person noted that the case under discussion will not bring any success and will only eat a lot of money. The manager’s daughter was later also fired for allegedly toxic behavior in the workplace.

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And in Apple, according to a former employee, it is often practiced to quickly dismiss employees shortly before the end of the company’s financial calendar. Thus, the dismissed did not receive compensation for the annual work. In addition, various frauds with shares of the company in favor of top managers are mentioned to minimize wages and costs.

In court, Darren Eastman is forced to defend himself, because “Apple entered the proceedings only when he exhausted all the funds for the fight.” The company’s own diagnosis of the engineer sounds like this:

“Apple has evolved from an honest company into a gross and regular infringer of contract, discrimination and employment laws”

In court, the former employee is trying to regain 735 shares of Apple worth about $165 thousand and another $326 thousand losses + $32 thousand for problems with the ownership of his patents.

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