Apple Patented Compressible and Spinning When the Housing Falls for the iPhone

Apple Design
Written by Hassan Abbas

Recently, several interesting Apple patents appeared on the network, revealing possible features of the upcoming iPhone. If in the design of some of them the “apple” corporation was clearly inspired by the ideas of competitors, then other patents have no analogs in the current market of mobile devices.

Apple Design

Apple Design

Apple patented technology that recognizes the compression of the case. It is based on determining the change (due to compression) of the “concentration point” – when it deforms, the sensors built into the iPhone are activated, and this is captured by the operating system. The technology of recognition of the compression of the case first appeared in smartphones from HTC, but the development of the Taiwanese corporation works thanks to the pressure sensors installed on the sides of the case.

Starting with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, Apple’s smartphones are equipped with a four-tone flash (previously used two LEDs). The company’s new patent describes a special panel (mounted over the flash), each sector of which diffuses the light in different ways. The software can adjust itself depending on the scenario of the shot, how brightly each LED should shine. Also, according to the patent, the user can manually adjust the brightness of such a flash.

Another patent, which is certainly unlikely to be used in the coming years, demonstrates a system for the accurate determination of the location inside the premises. It shows several sensors, giving each other a certain signal. When the device is in the generated digital field, it locates its position with high accuracy (based on information about the position of the sensors).

Perhaps the most interesting document was a patent describing the technology to prevent “dangerous” drops of the device. The description refers to a special processor, which, thanks to various sensors, will calculate the geometry of the gadget’s fall. In the event that the pressure during the flight of the gadget accumulates around the fragile part of the smartphone, a special device sprays the gas through the sectors of the device in such a way that it falls on its strongest part.

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