Apple no longer wants to name the number of devices sold

Written by Hassan Abbas

The reason does not lie in the fact that the affairs of the “Apple” corporation are supposedly bad (as one might think initially). Rather the opposite.

At the reporting conference for the fourth quarter of the 2018 fiscal year, Apple’s senior vice president and chief financial officer Luca Maestri announced that the corporation would no longer report on the number of devices sold. Apple argued that this indicator does not reflect the state of the business – it is much more important for shareholders to know about the size of the company’s profits, and not about the number of gadgets sold by it.


Starting with the next quarterly report, which will be held in early 2019, Apple will only announce the amount of profit from the devices sold. Regarding the number of gadgets sold, the company will limit itself to a qualitative assessment – reports will be approximately in this style: “the number of iPads sold in 2018 increased by 32% compared to 2017” (without the announcement of numbers). In addition, the manufacturer no longer allocates Apple Watch, HomePod and Beats products into separate categories in its financial reports. One would assume that the sales figures of these devices are falling and the company simply does not want to share disappointing numbers, but this is unreasonable: the popularity of smartwatches is constantly growing (according to information from past reports from Apple).

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If the above innovations in Apple’s policy are negative, then only for financial analysts: it will be much more difficult for outside specialists to evaluate the success of certain products of the Apple Corporation. This has already yielded results: after the reporting conference, the company’s shares fell by 5.81%.

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