Apple New Activity Challenge

Apple New Activity Challenge
Written by Hassan Abbas

Apple New Activity Challenge: We all know that every year Apple hosts a fitness challenge for its employees. This year is still the same no difference no change nothing else, with the latest activity challenge launching in February.

Reported by MacRumors, to complete the challenge, Apple employees must work to close all three Activity rings on their Apple Watch for the whole month.

For any employees who complete the challenge, they will earn amazing rewards. Like if someone completes a challenge awarded by a T-shirt that reads “2020” on the front, stylized in the Activity rings on the Apple Watch. You can also see what it looks like in the image at the top of this guide.

Not only this but also employees that complete the challenge every single day will earn a gold pin. Also “gold rating”, along with the aforementioned T-shirt. Silver pins and awards, along with bronze awards and pins, are also available for employees who might not be able to secure all three Activity rings every single day. As it is the internal challenge for Apple Employee.

Apple also runs internal activity challenges in recent years to promote health and fitness to its staff. The company runs periodic Activity Challenges for all users of Apple Watch. Most recently, Apple launched the ‘Ring in the New Year’ Activity Challenge for Apple Watch users. It promoted everyone to imitate the year off right by closing all of their rings for the first seven days of the New Year.

Apple may promote a general Activity challenge in the month of February for Apple Watch owners that aren’t Apple employees, that won’t include any physical prizes.


Well, that’s a good idea. What if Apple starts offering up physical prizes for those who did close out their Activity rings every single day for a month? Nothing big, but it could be another incentive for Apple users.

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