Apple Lowers The Price Of USB-C Cable To Lightning Connector

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Written by Hassan Abbas

So far, all iPhone and other Apple iOS devices are sold with a USB-A to the Lightning charger. It is the normal cable with which we have always charged the iPhone. However, everything points to the fact that the USB-C to Lightning cable is going to replace it soon, for now, it has already reduced its price to be equivalent to the normal cable.

With the introduction of the MacBook Pro 2016, Apple bets everything on the USB-C standard, it is the only port available on these laptops and MacBooks. In fact, to make the transition easier for consumers, all USB-C accessories reduced their price. The USB-C to Lightning cable went from being worth 35 euros to 29 euros. Now, it goes from being worth 29 euros to 25 euros.

Apple USB-C Cable

The default cable in future iPhone

This price reduction must have a reason to be beyond simply offering a competitive price. Last year Apple introduced fast charging on its latest iPhone models, but to use it you had to buy an adapter and a USB-C cable. In short, the fast charge cost at least 88 euros more, since in the box of purchase of the device these accessories do not come.

If now the USB-C to Lightning cable costs 25 euros it has already been up to the normal USB-A cable. The fast charging of the iPhone and the increasingly popular USB-C standard on the Mac … are two strong reasons why Apple could definitely adapt this cable as the default cable when selling an iPhone or iPad. The WWDC is two weeks away and we may see new iPads directly with this cable, by September the new iPhone arrives.

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This change, like all changes, will not please everyone, as many users do not have USB-C ports on their computers or usually use other power adapters. However, it is a change that will allow offering more power and versatility, since it allows charging more than 5W and the USB-C protocol offers more functions and faster than the USB-A protocol. A few days ago we saw a possible adapter too, so of course, the next few months will be interesting.

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