Apple Has Earned More Money This Quarter Than Amazon During Its Entire History

Apple Quarter Earnings
Written by Hassan Abbas

Here is another figure that, although it can not be interpreted as a direct comparison, it does serve to try to understand the amount of money that Apple is generating thanks to its products and services. Only this last fiscal quarter, the Cupertino company has earned more money than Amazon in its entire history.

No, I’m not wrong. It is something that CNBC has recently pointed out and that in Cult of Mac they have reflected. Since Amazon was founded in 1994, it has generated a net profit of 9,600 million dollars. This quarter alone, Apple has generated $ 13,800 million in profits.


Golden days for shareholders

Apple is enjoying a great moment on the stock market right now, thanks to which it denied with figures (that is, with facts) to all the analysts who predicted a strong drop in the sales of the iPhone X all over the world after the initial pull of the launch. His actions have reached $189.5, and as I write these lines are at 189.41. That means that its commercial valuation is in the 965,700 million dollars.

In fact, if the stock rises to $ 194, then Apple will have reached that magical figure of one trillion dollars of mercantile valuation and Tim Cook could boast of having the first trillion dollar company in history if we do not take inflation into account. A little joke: it is only necessary that the shares go up 6 dollars more and a few weeks ago that we had them at 154 dollars. And the forecasts of investors are not exactly bad.

Apple Quarter Earnings

More benefits are not necessarily better

Anyway, we should not see this in a completely proportional way. That this quarter Apple has generated hundreds of times more benefits than Amazon does not mean that Apple is a company hundreds of times better than Amazon. In fact, some people say that it can be Amazon that can be overtaken and that it can be converted into the first trillion dollar company.

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Simply each company has its activity and its way of managing the income it generates. Amazon is a global giant that has no plans to disappear in a long time, even if that means earning “little” money every quarter. Apple chooses to save much of the money it earns, something that has recently also jumped to the front pages because of the ease Trump has given the company to repatriate all that money from banks in other countries.

However, Apple continues to grow at a good pace and with plans to revolutionize the market not one but several times more. And I do not doubt that everyone who has shares in the company will be happy.

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