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Apple Fixed the Serious Problem of the Past MacBook

Written by Hassan Abbas

Problems with the keyboard in the MacBook affected a huge number of users and the company decided to fix it in a new model.

A few days ago, Apple quietly updated its flagship line of notebooks. Devices have not received any significant changes in comparison with their predecessors. The official statement of the company says that, in addition to the improved screen and processor, the keyboard also changed – the modified butterfly mechanism allows you to print even more quietly. Nevertheless, experts from iFixit, who have already dismantled the new MacBook Pro, found out that the American manufacturer did not give out all the secrets.



As it turned out, Apple reacted to user complaints and fixed the mechanism of the keyboard. Recall, problems with sticking buttons on the MacBook were massive. Due to the peculiarities of the “butterfly”, the minimal ingress of dust and debris under the key led to its malfunction. A new rubber layer should prevent similar problems in the future. Moreover, it is this membrane that will make the printing process much quieter, as stated by Apple.

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Earlier this year, this decision was patented by the company. Unfortunately, at the moment we can not say with certainty whether the measures taken by the engineers of the Cupertino company will help since the problem is only revealed with time.

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