Apple Card’s 3% Daily Cash now available from Nike

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Written by Hassan Abbas

Apple Card customers now enjoy 3% daily cashback at Nike. One of the perks of the first credit card from Apple, the Apple Card, is its 3% Daily Cash cashback deal from select retailers.

TechCrunch has the report on Monday. According to the publication Nike is now one of the retailers supporting 3% Daily Cash with the Apple Card. Make sure you’ll still need to use Apple Pay to get the 3% cashback deal. But you can make purchases from the Nike Training Club, Nike Running Club, SNKRS, Nike’s official app,, and at Nike physical retail stores.

Apple Card gets you 3% cashback on Nike purchases

The deal means you’ll earn 3% daily cashback on any purchases made through Nike (as we mentioned above). Whether you’re buying sneakers, training gear, backpacks or golf balls.

You can be made every purchase through the Nike website, retail stores, the Nike app, SNKRS, the Nike Running Club, and the Nike Training Club are all eligible.

Make sure it is the highest daily cashback rate Apple Card offers. Purchases from other retailers may earn you 2%, while any purchases you make by swiping your Apple Card offer just 1%. If you just use the Apple Card, without Apple Pay, you’ll only get 1% Daily Cash.

‘The most successful credit card launch’

Apple Card is still exclusive to the U.S. for now, but it has been a hit since making its debut. Goldman Sachs, says it is “the most successful credit card launch ever.“

Previously Goldman Sachs states that it is considering expanding Apple Card to other markets. But it is yet to make any solid plans or promises for Apple fans overseas.

The 3% Daily Cash was only supposed to be for Apple Card/Apple Pay purchases made at Apple stores at the start, but the cashback deal has rapidly expanded to include Uber, Walgreens, Uber Eats, and Duane Reade pharmacies. But most recently also includes purchases made at T-Mobile.

Any purchase you make with Apple Pay with your Apple Card will continue to get 2% Daily Cash. And purchases made with the Apple Card without Apple Pay get 1% cashback. Daily Cash is unlimited for Apple Card owners, and it’s paid out daily based on purchases made.


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