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Apple Books Dark Mode: How to Enable it?

Apple Books Dark Mode
Written by Hassan Abbas

Apple Books Dark Mode: Nowadays, Dark Mode has become a wonderful tool for soothing eye strain at night on your devices. Also, it replaces that bright screen with one that’s more soothing. So if you use the Books app to read at night, Dark Mode is ideal.

With the darkest mode, you can choose from a couple of other choices. This is best if you just enjoy reading with a dimmer or low background. Here’s how to turn on Dark Mode in the Books app on iPad, iPhone, and Mac, and here’s how.

Enable Dark Mode in Apple Books

Open the Books app on your iPhone or iPad and then open a book.

Step 1:

Firstly, Access the controls menu that is hidden by default when you open a book. On iPhone and iPad, click the center of the screen and on Mac, hover your cursor to the top of the book’s window.

Step 2:

Also, Click the Appearance button on the top right which is labeled with two A’s.

Step 3:

Using the above the fonts, you’ll see four dots: White, Sepia, Gray, and Night. The night would be the Dark Mode. Click the one you want to use.

Now, each book you open in the Books app will show with that mode automatically.

Enable Auto-Night Theme on iOS

In the Books app on the iPhone and iPad, you can also select to enable the Auto-Night theme. This setting will automatically change the color based on low-light conditions. Also, note that not all books support the Auto-Night theme.

Step 1:

Tap the Appearance button on the top right.

Step 2:

Below the appearance options, just turn on the toggle for the Auto-Night Theme.


Whether you want to minimize the strain on your eyes at night or just change the appearance to one more comfortable to you, it’s quite easy to do in the Books app.

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