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Apple Book Sleep Timer: How to Set Sleep Timer?

Apple Book Sleep Timer
Written by Hassan Abbas

Apple Book Sleep Timer: Most people do one thing to fall asleep listening to music or relaxing sounds. But sleep while listening to an audiobook is as bad as nodding off during a movie. What did you miss? Are you going to begin it over? Do you know where you left off before catching those Z’s?

Remember you don’t miss a thing with your audiobook. Just set a sleep timer in the Books app. You have a flexible choice and this way you’ll know right where you left off. Plus, the audiobook won’t keep on playing while you’re sawing logs.

Here’s in this guide you’ll also learn how to set a sleep timer for an audiobook in the Books app on both iOS and Mac.

Set a Sleep Timer in Books on iPhone & iPad

Open the Books app on your iPhone or iPad and then do the following to set a sleep timer.

Step 1:

Click to open your audiobook on the full screen.

Step 2:

Click the Moon icon at the bottom.

Step 3:

Choose a time in the pop-up menu. You can also set a Custom time if you want to.

Set a sleep timer in Books on Mac

Using your audiobook open in the Books app on Mac, follow these sets of steps to set a sleep timer.

Step 1:

Tap the More button located next to your audiobook on the bottom left of the sidebar. Make sure you’ll also need to move your cursor to that area to make the More button appear.

Step 2:

Hover your cursor over Sleep Timer.

Step 3:

Choose a time from the pop-out menu.


Step 1:

Tap Controls from the menu bar.

Step 2:

Also, hover your cursor over Sleep Timer.

Step 3:

Choose a time from the pop-out menu.

If you wish to turn off a Sleep Timer that you’ve set, just follow one of the sets of instructions above and instead of choosing a time, select Off.


While setting the sleep timer for an audiobook is handy for other situations rather than night-night time. If you want to leave for an appointment or meeting, you can use the timer to stop your book when it’s time to go!

Here is all about Apple Book Sleep Timer. Are you going to give the sleep timer in Books a try? Let us know in the comment section below!

Till then! Keep Smiling 🙂

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