Apple Banned Developers to Sell Contact Information for Users

Apple banned developers
Written by Hassan Abbas

During the presentation of iOS 12, Apple paid attention to improving the security of user data, but at WWDC, the corporation did not tell about all the changes in the privacy policy. Recently, Apple updated the rules for publishing applications in the App Store: now developers are prohibited from using information from users’ phone books for personal gain.

Previously, if apps for iOS needed access to the user’s phone book, they asked for permission from the person. After the user granted access to their phone book, programs could use the information about contacts as they wish. Unscrupulous developers sold their users’ phone books to third parties – most often companies engaged in advertising.

Apple banned developers

Apple banned developers

Now Apple is fighting against this, forbidding storing data on people’s contacts on servers without their knowledge. From now on, developers can not collect contact users for specific purposes, and use them in a completely different way (at least without the consent of people) – the ban on this is clearly prescribed in the new App Store rules. It remains a mystery how the “apple” corporation will track violators. In which case, applications of unscrupulous developers will be removed from the store.

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