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Apple Arcade adds Steven Universe RPG ‘Unleash the Light’

Written by Hassan Abbas

Steven Universe RPG ‘Unleash the Light’: While Apple seems to be sticking with a weekly release schedule every Friday for new Apple Arcade releases. The company has decided to change things up this week a bit, releasing a game on Wednesday.

Steven Universe is a popular TV show over on cartoon network and now he and all his friends are making their first appearance on Apple Arcade. It takes the form on an RPG called Unleash the Light and it’s available on Apple’s subscription service now.

It’ll feature six playable characters from the show including Steven himself, obviously, alongside five of his Gem pals. The Gems joining Steven on this journey are Amethyst, Garnet, Pearl, Bismuth and Lapis Lazuli.

What’s More?

On the whole story, you’ll face off against two new, prism-wielding Gems. Fans of the series will be happy to know that these new characters were co-created by Rebecca Sugar, as was the original story they penned for Unleash the Light. It seems they’ve done their best to ensure fans get a warm experience, bringing in the voice cast alongside Sugar.

steven universe

If you’re not a fan of Steven Universe then you maybe enjoy here through the turn-based battles and a generally pleasant aesthetic. That being said, we’re not exactly short of turn-based games on Apple Arcade so you might still have your hands tapping away on those.

Unleash the Light is available now through Apple Arcade. It is a subscription service that costs £4.99 per month.


In this amazing game, you’ll be able to customize and manage your team by deciding who’s at the party. You can also unlock new abilities and alternate costumes to suit your taste. So do you want to play this game? Are you ready to pay £4.99 per month for its subscription? Share your experience with us in the comment section below!

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