Apple Did Buy Rights to ‘AirTag’ Trademark

Written by Hassan Abbas

Apple has bought the “AirTag” trademark for its rumored item tracking device. That specializes in RFID technology, according to a Russian media outlet.

RBC reports that:

A group called ISBC, which describes itself as “The leading smart card and RFID tag manufacturer in Russia,” recently sold Apple the “AirTag” trademark as part of an agreement. It would see the group develop its products under a single brand.

In a statement posted on the ISBC website today:

The group confirmed that it had completed a transaction to transfer the rights to the “AirTag” trademark. But said that details about the buyer would not be disclosed under the terms of confidentiality.

ISBC® group of companies has decided to bet on enhancing the development under a single namesake trademark ISBC®. This new decision is very much conditioned by an international deal.

Transfer of RFID keyfobs from AIRTAG® brand to our flagship one – ISBC® – evidences our confidence in the future of the product and solutions related. Confidentiality agreed does not allow us to disclose the deal in detail. But we may express our confidence the future of AIRTAG® trademark we have envisaged and registered internationally will be bright, the whole world will learn and love the new product so named.

On Monday, the public release of iOS 13.2 revealed data:

Suggesting Apple may be planning to call its rumored Tile-like item tracking accessory “AirTags.”

Looking into the status of trademark activity surrounding the term. MacRumors came across some curious recent developments that could be signs of Apple acquiring the trademark rights. Although a smoking gun concretely linking Apple to the activity was unavailable at the time.

Apple is rumored to be working on Tile-like Bluetooth trackers that can be used to keep track of items that are often lost, such as keys, wallets, and more.

What Rumor’s Confirmed….?

Multiple rumors have confirmed Apple’s work on ‌‌AirTags‌‌. They are based on leaked assets. They can be attached to your items to make them locatable through the Find My app right alongside your Apple devices.

‌‌AirTags‌‌ will connect to……..via Bluetooth:

  • iPhones
  • iPads
  • Macs

They will leverage the ultra-wideband U1 chip in the newest iPhones for more precise indoor tracking.

As we found earlier this year, there is a component that will let you use your device’s camera to pinpoint exactly where a lost item might be. Longer-range tracking will also be available. AirTags‌‌ will likely take advantage of the offline crowd-sourced tracking feature.


There is no word on when ‌‌AirTags‌‌ will be launch. But given that Apple has been adding new details to each beta, there’s a possibility that the accessories are coming this year, perhaps even quite soon.

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