Apple Advertising Partner Media Arts Lab Cuts ~50 Employees

Written by Hassan Abbas

Apple advertising partner Media Arts Lab has let go of approximately 50 employees, reports Bloomberg. Media Arts Lab is owned by TBWA\Chiat\Day and Apple is its only client.

Staff cuts were made in multiple divisions. But many of the employees who were let go worked in the strategy division that helped Apple create ads for its newest products.

In a statement to Bloomberg, a Media Arts Lab spokesperson said that the firm’s relationship with Apple “has never been stronger.”

“Yesterday was a difficult day, as we had to part with some of our talented colleagues”

A Media Arts Lab spokeswoman said in an emailed statement:

“Our relationship with Apple has never been stronger. But as the needs of our clients continue to evolve. We must adapt and continue to evolve the composition of our teams.”

Apple’s VP of Marketing Communications Tor Myhren said that:

Apple asked Media Arts Lab to evolve its marketing approach as Apple evolves its own approach too.

Apple’s confidence and trust in MAL as our singular ad agency is as strong as it’s ever been. As we continue to evolve our marketing approach, we’ve asked MAL to do the same.

Media Arts Lab has worked with Apple for decades. They have been responsible for some of Apple’s most compelling ads. Including the famous “1984” ad:

  • for the original Macintosh, the “Get a Mac” series with Justin Long
  • and the well-known silhouette ads used for the iPod and iTunes

What’s More?

Apple Advertising Partner Media Arts Lab Cuts

More recently, Media Arts Lab was responsible for the “Welcome Home” video for the HomePod starring FKA Twigs. Apple’s 2019 “Shot on iPhone” tour featuring bands like Florence and the Machine, and the “Bounce” ad for the AirPods.

Apple started creating some of its ads in the house approximately five years ago. But has also continued to work with outside ad agencies. Apple two years ago began focusing more heavily on digital and regional ad campaigns, which previously led to layoffs at TBWA\Media Arts Lab.


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