Apple Added a Handful of New Games to Apple Arcade

Written by Hassan Abbas

It is interesting to know that Apple added a handful of new games to Apple Arcade. One of the company’s newest subscription services, and now there are five new games to choose from.

On Friday, Apple added five new titles to Apple Arcade: Lifelike:

  • Chapter One
  • Yaga The Roleplaying Folktale
  • Tales of Memo
  • Hogwash
  • Fallen Knight

We’ve got a roleplaying game, a puzzle title, a “hypnotic getaway”. Another multiplayer game, and a straight-up action title to hold you over this week with this new batch of titles.

Lifelike: Chapter One of Apple Arcade

This title is all about immersion and finding a sense of calm. Players will “drift in harmony” with “thousands of little creatures” in a variety of colorful soundscapes. Simply floating around and interacting with what’s on the screen. The tiny creatures all take part in “swarm behavior”. Which can be a hypnotic occurrence all on its own. As a result, the title puts the player right in the midst of this behavior, letting them simply enjoy the colors and sounds.

Yaga The Roleplaying Folktale

It’s a role-playing game with a tilt towards action as the player takes the role of an adventurer who must “smash, clobber and bash the murderous legends of Slavic mythology”. The title will actually change every single time you play it, so the experience doesn’t get stale even as you go back in on a regular basis.

There is a “vast arsenal of hammers and tools” to help you get through each area, and the actions you partake in will change the story, the main character Ivan’s reputation, and even the upgrades you’ll have available to employ. There are multiple endings, too, all based on your gameplay.

Tales of Memo

This is a puzzle game developed by Ten days Studio. Unlike a lot of puzzle games out there, this is actually a memory puzzle game. Players will guide Memo and his friends through a variety of frozen landscapes along the way.


This title from developer Bossa Studios is a farmyard multiplayer “bedlam”, featuring a 3vs1 style of gameplay. Players will get to choose to play as either the farmhand or a pig. If you play as a pig you’ll be tasked with being a mischievous animal and covering the farm in the mud. Playing as the farmer will mean trying to keep the farm clean.

The title is multiplayer-focused, however, it does feature a single-player mode as well.

There are dozens of new outfits to choose from, both for the pigs and the farmer. It’s super colorful, too, and looks like a family-friendly title.

Fallen Knight of Apple Arcade

From FairPlay Studios, Fallen Knight is a side-scrolling action and platformer title. It has six stages, each ending in a unique and challenging boss fight. There is a unique parry/disarm system built into the game, and the game also features multiple endings.

The Fallen Knight, controlled by the player, is tasked with stopping the evil terrorist organization “The Purge” before they can destroy the city. You can play the titles on iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and tvOS.

Before last week’s batch of new additions, Apple also updated Apple Arcade’s library of content on October 11, adding another handful of games from a variety of genres. And, looking ahead, Hipster Whale, the studio behind the mega-popular Crossy Road, has already announced that its newest game, Crossy Road Castle, will be coming to Apple Arcade soon.

Apple Arcade Conclude:

Have you found a favorite title from Apple Arcade yet?

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