Apple Activates User Privacy Management Tools To Comply With The GDPR

Apple GDPR
Written by Hassan Abbas

Two days before the deadline for the adaptation of companies to the measures of the General Regulation of Data Protection (GDPR in English), Apple has just made public its measures. With these tools, the user can have total and simple control of the data stored and used by the Cupertino company.

Apple GDPR

Apple GDPR

Apple activates GDPR tools for all European users

As of today and as we advanced in Applesfera a few weeks ago, any user of the European Union can access the specific Apple privacy page and use the GDPR tools. When entering your Apple ID credentials, you will see some options.

These are three tools that already existed but now have an automated process, with the addition of the account deactivation tool, which is completely new. In them, the user can download a complete copy of the data that Apple has, correct or modify personal information, deactivate the account or eliminate it completely. It is important to note that when you deactivate an account you receive a reactivation code that, if lost, makes recovery impossible.

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For all these options except for the modification of data, Apple gives a term of 7 days before fulfilling it. According to the company, this is a security measure to prevent someone with access to the account without the user’s authorization from being able to obtain, deactivate or cancel the Apple ID immediately.

When using these tools, the user receives an email notification of the use that has been made, with the date, time and email used for the request.

These tools are the end of the adaptation process that Apple launched months ago, with the release of iOS 11.3, tvOS 11.3 and macOS 10.13.4. If you were waiting for the arrival of these tools and you were curious to know what information Apple has about you as a result of the application of the GDPR, you can do it from this link.


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