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Apple 2nd Quarter Earnings 2018 Results Are Here

Apple 2nd Quarter Earnings 2018
Written by Hassan Abbas

Apple has just presented the financial results for its second fiscal quarter of 2018, first of this calendar year. There is no festive or Champions League night that has been a delay for the presentation of record results in this period of the year. The most remarkable thing is that the Cupertino company has experienced a 15.6% growth in revenues compared year to year.

Apple grows in all its products

Apple 2nd Quarter Earnings 2018

The financial results of Apple for its second fiscal quarter have shown growth in all its segments. Of course, they are quite varied. The Mac, for example, has only generated 0.1% more revenue compared to the same period last year, followed by the iPad with 5.8%.

The rest of the company’s products are another story. The iPhone has managed to grow by 14.4% more, Services by 30.5% and Others by 37.6%. The latter includes several lines and products such as Apple Watch, AirPods and HomePod, among others. As a whole, the company has grown 15.6%

In absolute terms, the iPhone is responsible for 62.2% of all Apple’s turnover. Despite the high level of income directly generated by the terminal, in recent quarters the trend has been downward. This is because segments such as Services and Others are growing at a much higher rate, as can be seen.

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The iPhone X Continues Selling at a Good Pace

Apple 2nd Quarter Earnings 2018

All eyes were on the iPhone X during this quarter. Some analysts and media announced that the company was cutting orders to suppliers of components of this terminal, auguring a weak quarter for Apple. The bad omens have not been fulfilled.

The iPhone X has remained the best-selling terminal of the company every week of this quarter, contradicting the analyzes and reports of the supply chain.

Apple has sold 2.9% more iPhone units compared to the same quarter of the previous year, generating 14.4% more revenue. This translates into a considerable increase in the average selling price of the iPhone, as shown in the graph above. This quarter, the average selling price of the terminal was 728 dollars compared to 655 dollars the previous year.

Customers have chosen the iPhone X more than any other iPhone during each week of the March quarter, just as they did in the December launch quarter – Tim Cook.

According to the CEO of Apple, the iPhone X is the most sold terminal of the company during these three months. As happened during the period that was put on sale last quarter. This should put in doubt that information and studies that affirmed the collapse of Apple’s flagship terminal.

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There is Also a Site for the Apple Watch and Services


Tim Cook has ensured that the Apple Watch, Beats and AirPods have had a year-over-year growth of more than 50%, assuming a total business that places him among the Fortune 300 . Cook has also highlighted that AirPods is a “glittering success” that is seen in more and more places.

As for HomePod, this has been the first quarter that has been on sale. The CEO of Apple has said that the Apple speaker will expand to more markets soon but has not indicated when or where. In addition to these devices that represent an increasingly important part of Apple’s business, the company has focused on Services. Here subscriptions to Apple Music, the income of the App Store and other services such as iCloud or the iTunes store are included.

Together, the Services have grown 2,000 million year-on-year to 9,190 million dollars. This is an increase of 30.5%. Both segments are going to bring a lot to talk about on Wall Street, where the Apple business is starting to look different.

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