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Apocalypse Hunters for PC – When Pokemon Go Meets Hearthstone

Apocalypse Hunters for PC
Written by Hassan Abbas

Apocalypse Hunters for PCApocalypse Hunters for PC. As recently stated, the games based on geolocation are experiencing a second youth since Google released a special API for Google Maps for the development of games of this nature. But since everything cannot be a clone of Pokémon Go, the experiments begin to emerge. Apocalypse Hunters are one of these new titles, whose distinctive sign is to offer combats of collectible cards seasoned with an exploration of our environment through its active location system.

Basically, we have the quasi-canonical collectible card game in which we will fight against other real players through the arena of combat. Control in turns, cards with points of attack and defense, additional effects … nothing new under the sun except the fact of the mat is limited to three spaces to lower our creatures. However, when it comes to acquiring new cards for our deck, GPS geolocation comes into play.

Similar to Pokemon Go:

In our environment, we will find buildings similar to Pokemon GO gyms (or Ingress portals, already in place), from which we can extract energy. In our walks, we will encounter monsters that we can break and join our ranks through the combat system with cards mentioned above. In addition, the monsters that we use in the battles will be getting stronger when leveling up so we will have to fight a lot if we want to find and hunt the inevitable and rare legendary creatures that roam the world.

Apocalypse Hunters for PC

Reference as Hearthstone:

Apocalypse Hunters for PC may not have the degree of artistic exquisite that shows another reference as Hearthstone. The graphics of the characters are renders that could be taken from any series of 3D animation for television, and the design of the menus maybe small of rough, which does not mean that we are facing an interesting proposal that tries to give a twist to a subgenre that could sin of stagnation without having hardly extended.

Fast-Paced Card Game:

Apocalypse Hunters is a fast-paced collection card game (CCG), based on location, that interacts with real weather! Build your deck and protect your city against all creatures! Unlock new content and try new decks to improve your strategy.

In an apocalyptic world where humanity interprets God, a secret laboratory that makes living organic weapons with living creatures explode. The mutant beasts escaped with a unique virus. You are a bounty hunter and you need to save the world from this threat by neutralizing and capturing those monsters. Dr. Yuri, who escaped the explosion, will help you in your search for GPS.

Collect and improve your cards:

Go, collect and improve cards with mutant beasts with attacks, defenses and special points that you love. As a hunter, you will have to explore the map, walk with GPS in augmented reality, chase and capture beasts with an active vaccine to stop the invasion.
Direct your TCG beasts towards victory and save the world!


  • Walk in augmented reality, find real places, collect, chase and capture common, rare and legendary beasts around you (CCG)
  • Win Chems and Hunter Coins to unlock the surprise box and go for new special cards
  • Take advantage of your active location on the map or even the weather to look for cards and explore the city!
  • Achieve secondary AR missions to earn Gems
  • Explore the map and travel the city with GPS to collect more Hunter coins and go for CCG ccg monsters.
  • Build and level up your card collection with new beasts
  • Build your last Battle Deck to defeat your tcg opponents
  • Build augmented reality RA camps in the real world and create your own game currencies

Steps to Play Apocalypse Hunters for PC

To play Apocalypse Hunters for PC on PC you need to download the game on your computer. Maybe through an APK, and an emulator.


Download Apocalypse Hunters for PC APK

Play Store:

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How to Download Apocalypse Hunters for PC on Windows an Mac

To use Download Apocalypse Hunters for PC. You first need to download and Install Emulator of Your Choice. Here is the List of Top 5 Emulators. or the Bluestacks 3

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