APFS Will Have Support For Fusion Drive “Very Soon”

Fusion Drive
Written by Hassan Abbas

Apple introduced APFS for the first time at WWDC 2016 as the new file system for iOS. It was a big change, a huge change, thanks to the speed of reading, writing and transferring data in the storage of Apple devices. A year later, APFS came to the Mac with SSD storage. Two years later, it will surely reach those who have Fusion Drive.

According to MacRumors, Craig Federighi, the head of software at Apple, has answered an email from a user resolving the question. Apple offers Fusion Drive as a storage option in the low range of their Mac. It combines the speed of the SSD and the space of the hard disks. Apple commented that these would also receive support for APFS, now we finally know that this will come soon.

Fusion Drive

Fusion Drive

WWDC 2018 as the date for APFS support in Fusion Drive

Hi Jonathan,

We intend to address this issue very soon …

Thank you,


This is the email sent by Craig Federighi to the Apple user who had the doubt. Given that the Apple developer conference is just around the corner, it is very likely that this is where APFS compatibility for the Mac with Fusion Drive is announced.

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It is expected that Apple will present (among many other novelties) a new version of macOS. In recent years improvements in macOS have been gradual, without major changes in the interface and applications and rather focused on small constant improvements. One of those improvements last year was the APFS compatibility for the SSD disks, which made the Macs fly. It is very likely that in this WWDC we will see how the Macs also improve with Fusion Drive.

Via: Macrumors

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