Another Windows 10 update kills the system

Windows 10
Written by Hassan Abbas

The October update “tens” just damned. First, he deleted the user files, but now he gives a “blue screen of death.  The developers of the latest updates for Windows 10 are definitely not the best days. By releasing Windows 10 October Update, they managed to skip the bug that deleted some user files after the update. Soon a hotfix update appeared, and with it appeared new problems. For example, on some computers, Windows 10 October Update causes BSOD.

Apparently, the problem is connected with loading the wrong drivers for the keyboard in some laptops and computers of HP and other manufacturers. All because of the patch number KB4464330. One user reports that his HP EliteDesk 800 G3 has stopped booting after installing this update and displays a blue screen of death with a concise explanation of WDF_VIOLATION.

Windows 10

Microsoft technical support has already responded to angry users’ messages and assured that the latest fixes are already in the works, and also noted the threat to Dell and other computers, and not just HP.

To correct the problem, you can try to delete the HpqKbFiltr.sys file from the system32/drivers directory. This was reported by some users with Reddit. However, the performance of this option is not guaranteed.

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