Android TV vs Roku TV – Which One is Good For You

Android TV vs Roku TV
Written by Kelly Houstan

Android TV and Roku both set out to do the same general thing, however, they vary enough to the point where each platform does a better job at serving many groups of people. Android TV tends to be a better choice for power users and tinkerers as well. Whereas Roku is simpler to use and much more accessible for less tech-savvy individuals. The rest of this article will take a closer look at many aspects of each system to see where each and everyone comes out on top. Just read this article to know all about Android TV vs Roku TV – Which One is Good For You.

Android TV vs Roku TV – Which One is Good For You

User Interface

Roku TV

  • It is a hardware digital media platform offering access to streaming media content from a lot of online sources. Along with the help of the internet, then you can now watch free and paid video content on your television without even the need for a cable. Various applications can be used for the same, Roku is one of them.
  • This is also a fantastic invention that is efficient & durable. Plus, it is quite affordable, even for the average smart TV consumer.
  • The User Interface of Roku is really simple, and even first-time users can operate it easily. Thus, it is perfect for folks who are not tech-savvy.
  • All the channels you have installed will also be depicted on the home screen. This is an added benefit since it makes it really easy to use.

Android TV

  • The user interface of Android TV is dynamic and customized, that is well suited for intensive users.
  • It also uses the Android operating system to access Google Play Store. You can also install all the required apps from the Play Store and also access them on your Android TV.
  • You guy can seamlessly connect your Android TV to your Android smartphone and enjoy using it. This is a really unique feature offered via this smart TV since both devices work on the same platform.
  • In order to make the surfing experience more accessible, Android TV comes preinstalled along with Google Chrome. In addition, you guys can access Google Assistant, that acts as your personal guide. This is where Android TV fares better than Roku TV and Smart TV s well.

Android TV vs. Roku TV: Voice control

Roku added voice controls back in 2015, however not every box/TV comes with a remote that supports this out of the box. Most premium options do, however, Roku also sells its Enhanced Voice Remote that supports voice search. So you can upgrade your current system after the fact as well. The remote, in specific, also permits you to power up your TV, adjust the volume, mute, and control your streaming all from the same device as well.

For the most part, Roku’s voice feature works just fine as well. You can use it to find particular titles you’re looking for. Browse content from a certain actor or director, open apps, and search genres within them, and more. Additionally, if you have a Roku TV, you can use your voice to change inputs, go through different broadcast channels, and open Roku’s Smart Guide.

Android TV vs Roku TV

If you have an Alexa or Google Assistant speaker in your home, then you can use that to control Roku, too. Alexa and Google Assistant integration for Roku is really similar. With each permitting you to use your voice for pausing/resuming what you’re currently watching, opening apps, and searching for particular genres that are available across all of your apps/channels. But, not all features are supported via Alexa and Google Assistant. For example, you won’t be able to check the weather or access your calendar events through Google Assistant.

Android TV

Moving over to Android TV, the out-of-the-box voice control that offers is leaps and bounds better than what Roku offers. Each and every Android TV box and television comes with a voice remote that permits you to talk to the Google Assistant. You guys can ask the Assistant to pause your show, open Netflix, and do other media-specific things, however, it goes far beyond that.

The Google Assistant you guys get on Android TV is actually the full-fledged Google Assistant experience. That means you can use it to find out about the weather, look at any upcoming calendar appointments, then control smart home devices, and more. It’s light years ahead of Roku’s built-in voice controls, and for some folks, that’ll make a big difference in your buying decision.


As far as the number of channels is concerned, both Roku and Android TV actually support major streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, HBO, as well.

However, Roku does feature additional smaller channels that you won’t find on Android TV. As a matter of fact, Roku also supports nearly 2,000 free and paid channels.

Carriage disputes

Roku seems to be more prone to carriage disputes than Android TV actually. Roku and content providers entered some nasty carriage disputes in many recent years. The result was that necessary content providers pulled their apps. As a quick reminder, HBO Max is still not available, and also Peacock TV landed a bit late.

From this point of view, Android TV seems to be a much better choice actually.

Updates | Android TV vs Roku TV

Roku TV

Roku TV is updated more frequently than Android TV actually. Hence, Roku TV features and channel extensions are revised and updated every time you install an update. But, when you opt for an automatic update in Roku TV, then there is a high probability that a bug may intrude into your system. Thereafter, you guys won’t even be able to use your Roku TV until the bug issue is fixed.

Go for a restart process when you are stuck with this problem. Here is how to do it. The restart process of Roku is similar to that of a computer. Rebooting the system via switching from ON to OFF & then turning ON again would help resolve minor issues along with your Roku device.

Note: Except for Roku TVs and Roku 4, other versions of Roku do not have an ON/OFF switch.

  • Choose System by pressing on the Home Screen.
  • Then search for System restart and choose it.
  • Select Restart as shown below. It will confirm restart to turn your Roku player off and then on again.
  • Roku will turn OFF. Wait till it gets powered ON actually.
  • Head to the Home page and check if the glitches are resolve or not.

Android TV

The steps in order to update Android TV differ from model to model. However, you can ensure regular updates for your TV via enabling the Auto-update feature on your TV.

We also have explained the steps for Samsung Smart TV, however, they may vary for other models.

  • Tap on the Home/Source button on the Android TV remote.
  • Now navigate to Settings > Support > Software Update.
  • Here, choose the Auto-Update feature ON to let your device update Android OS automatically.
  • Like that, you can select the Update now option to search for & install updates.

Bluetooth Support

Roku TV

  • You guys can connect Bluetooth along with your Roku TV, but not all devices will comply. Only a limited number of Roku devices can also be linked through Bluetooth, as listed below:
    • Roku Ultra model 4800.
    • Roku Smart Soundbar.
    • Also, Roku TV (with wireless speakers edition)
    • Roku Streambar.
  • You can enjoy listening to Bluetooth along with the help of a Roku mobile application called Mobile Private Listening. You can do this when you enable the Mobile Private Listening feature via connecting your Bluetooth speaker with your mobile.

Android TV

You can enjoy listening to songs or stream audio via pairing your Android TV along with Bluetooth. In terms of Bluetooth support, Android TV is also a better choice whenever compared to Roku TV, as it is hassle-free.

Gaming | Android TV vs Roku TV

Roku TV

Roku Android TV box was not develop whenever keeping gaming features in mind. So, you guys can enjoy regular snake games or Minesweeper on your Roku TV. However, you can’t play highly advanced, graphical games on it.

Well, to be straightforward, Roku TV is not for gamers!

Android TV

As discussed earlier, you can also enjoy a variety of games on Android TV. Although, you have to buy an NVIDIA Shield TV. Then, you can also enjoy playing as much as your heart desires.

Hence, in terms of Gaming features, Android TV is a better choice.


Well, That is all from my side. If you want to know more about this article or have any queries. Then feel free to ask me anything in the comments section below.

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