The Best Five Android Pie 9.0 Custom ROM For Your android Smartphone

Written by Hassan Abbas

After rooting our cell, the first issue involves our mind, What may be the excellent Custom ROM for my tool? There are masses of ROMs that are to be had in Both Official and Unofficial variations. We flash the custom ROMs because our Manufacturer stopped update or we don’t like their UI. Moreover, Our Android Pie 9.0 Custom ROM should be near Stock Android with Latest Android Versions. So you’re searching out the first-class custom ROM to install on your rooted Android tool, which is now going for walks on Pie (9.Zero)? These are the 5 first-rate ones you have to pick from. Poco F1 with Lineage OS on Table

Android Pie is one of the strong variations of the Android Operating System; it is available at the present-day smartphones. However, if your Android tool is not going for walks on Pie (9.Zero), you could still get to explore the interesting capabilities of this OS version. It calls for rooting your device and putting in any of those custom ROMs.

Android Pie 9.0 Custom ROM

\Basic matters whilst selecting ROMs, It need to be Official. Unofficial ROMs may also comprise a number of bugs. On the alternative hand, Official versions will receive regular patch updates, and it’s far stable. Considering these two requirements, We indexed the first-rate Custom ROMs.

Android Pie 9.0 Custom ROM

1. Pixel Experience ROM

This Android Pie 9.0 Custom ROM is new into its class but has received pretty a stage of popularity. It is based on AOSP ROM, which incorporates Google Apps. You oughtn’t to Install Gapps Separately. As you could have guessed, this tradition ROM brings an actual Android Pie revel into rooted gadgets. You’ll also get all of the Google Pixel wallpapers for your device. Also, the launcher that includes this ROM is Google Pixel’s launcher. This ROM, in addition, goes directly to guide boot animation and sounds. It is clearly the excellent Android Pie custom ROM with the intention to give provide you a Pixel-like enjoy on any rooted cellphone.

More so, you’ll get all Google Pixel ringtone and font if you set up this ROM. A couple of techies have attempted out this tradition ROM on exceptional rooted devices, and it labored perfectly. Finally, this ROM allows for non-public customization of its functions, such as activating the usually-on display, Pixel blue accessory coloration, and extra. However, this practice ROM won’t paintings efficiently on a few smartphone fashions.


  • You will now not get any Security obstacles like Bank apps and Android Pay problems. It will work nicely like Official Stock ROM.
  • Google Camera app is better to evaluate with all other Manufacturer Camera App
  • All Widevine L1 required Streaming services will paintings well without any additional adjustments. While some Custom ROMs gained work.
  • Most of the Pixel Phone capabilities are Included.


  • Limitation in Customizations.
  • Most of the Old gadgets, now its not supported.
  • Download link Pixel Experience ROM

2. New Lineage OS

Previously called CyanogenMod ROM and later renamed to LineageOS, that is arguably the most famous custom ROM, and it comes with a selection of functions. This custom ROMs works on a wide range of smartphones. LineageOS remains seemed like one of the excellent ROMs because it guarantees extra balance and security than the others. The authentic Pie replaces of this ROM has been rolled out for many devices. You will revel in nearly all of the functions of Android 9 to your rooted tool whilst you install this custom ROM. As regards to customization; sadly, LineageOS handiest helps a little customization, not like the other ROMs.

While this practice ROM is launched for plenty of devices, the maximum of the releases are unofficial. Thus, you can word some bugs whilst the use of the ROMs. Nevertheless, LineageOS is pretty much stable on over two hundred gadgets; hopefully, your device model can be the various supported ones. On the surface, this practice ROM tends to appear like an inventory model of Google’s Android. Meanwhile, it is stocked with on hand functions that you gained find on maximum non-rooted Android phones.


  • Broad Support on Most of the Old gadgets.
  • Regular Patch updates and Support.
  • Plenty of capabilities like Full device Encryption are added as In-Built choice.
  • We have distinctly secured Custom ROM (Based on user settings).


3. AOSP Extended ROM

This custom ROM is based totally on AOSP and has quite a lot featured to provide. The ROM presents Stock UI with customization options. It offers a comparable enjoy to what you’d get from the Pixel Experience ROM due to the fact they’re both primarily based on AOSP. Also, this custom ROM helps the substratum Theme engine, which may alternate the advent of your device. Interestingly, the community connection and battery backup of this practice ROM are efficient, that is most of the motives many human beings pick it to the others. Techies have shown that this tradition ROM promises an easy and seamless Android Pie revel in on hooked up device. The developer of this ROM are solidly behind it; supplying consistent updates to the OS for a higher enjoy.

You can set up this custom ROM almost on all rooted Android smartphones, regardless of the producer or models. AOSP Extended ROMs is one of the options to keep in mind for a seamless Android 9.0 to enjoy on rooted devices.


  • Highly Customizable.
  • In-Built Third component functions like Screen recording are added.


4. CrDroid ROM

There are a bunch of more functions available on this Android Pie 9.0 Custom ROM; such that you can not see on other. Also, in term of stability, this ROM proves to offer extra balance. CrDroid did now not sacrifice a few features to offer you a stable Android revel in; it comes customizable functions, as well as proves to be green. There are exclusive variants of this custom ROM, and every alternative is specially designed for unique gadgets. The builders of this OS prioritized customizability, reliability, and performance; for this reason, you’ll experience a perfect enjoy the usage of this OS.

If you’ve formerly used a few other custom ROMs, then you definitely all without difficulty discover the distinction. CrDroid has extra to provide, and it’s also strong. You can personalize this ROM to any volume you want; but, it capabilities Quick Settings, Status bar, Lock Screens, Navigation, Buttons, Sound, and Recent Screen Customization. This custom ROM has been released for ninety+ gadgets, even as its just 30+ devices that guide the Android Pie updates. CrDroid stylishly offers pixel-like revel in and helps Google Gcam Camera app. This is one of the pleasant custom ROMs we propose for our readers.


  • Every UI can be Customized.
  • Better Battery performance.


5. Havoc OS

Lastly, we additionally advocate Havoc OS custom ROM as one of the excellent ROMs to experience Android nine revel in on rooted devices. This OS is solid, supports customization, and also comes with a group of beneficial functions you’ll love. Havoc OS is available for many Android gadgets; it’s miles pretty much like the CrDroid ROM in phrases of customization. The battery optimization functionality of this ROM is pretty superb when we attempted. You can customize this OS until it suits your flavor. There is a selection of stunning topics to choose from; you may tweak the notification panel, it supports animations and greater.

Android Pie 9.0 Custom ROM

Interestingly, HavocOS helps a pixel feature, that is the Now Playing card for your lock display screen. Also, you may trade each part of your device once it’s far going for walks on this custom ROM. Generally, this is an extraordinarily recommended custom ROM for Low-End devices. It comes as the closest choice to Resurrection Remix, which is thought by way of maximum techies to be the first-rate Android custom ROM.


  • Smooth UI and Performance.
  • Better Battery Life.


  • Payment apps issues.
  • Network problems.
  • Fewer gadgets are officially supported.
  • Download Havoc OS

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I recognize there are many fine ROMs like Resurrection Remix, Ported ROMs to be had. But We picked based on quite a few metrics. These are the five great Android 9.Zero custom ROMs you can deploy for your tool after root. They are all stable and provide a continuing revel in. Also, these ROMs help customizations, and they’re to be had for many Android gadgets. If I neglected any ROM, Or you have got better proposal comments underneath.

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