Android P DP4: Changed Icon Style and Manual Theme Switching

Android P DP4
Written by Hassan Abbas

Google finally released the fourth preview version of Android P, aimed at developers. It brings a lot of innovations that change the appearance of the operating system. At the moment, Android P DP4 is only available for Pixel smartphones of all generations.

Android P DP4

In the new build of Android P, developers added the long-awaited function of manually switching the theme of the design (dark or light). Previously, it changed only automatically – depending on the style of the background picture of the desktop (now this option is installed by default, but it can be changed in the system settings).

Android P DP4

Left DP3 interface, right – DP4

When you open a list of running applications, the gesture control “tablet” turns into a slider for the entire width of the screen. Miniatures of open games and programs have become noticeably larger, however, it is not as good as it seems. Previously, Pixel XL had one and a half windows in the list of running applications, and now – a little more than one. Perhaps this will make navigation difficult.

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Perhaps the biggest change in Android P DP4 was a new style of icons – now they are not filled with paint, but they consist only of contours. This is reflected in all the signs (status bar, icons in the settings) and even on the button “Back”. The gallery above shows changes in the format “it was (DP3) – it became (DP4)”.

Via: 9to5google

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