Android P Does Not Support Wi-Fi With WPS

Android P WPS
Written by Hassan Abbas

Corporation of Good” specifically removed the support for the WPS protocol from Android P – for security reasons. It will not be a great loss.

Google deliberately removed the ability to connect devices on Android P to Wi-Fi routers with WPS. The first to notice is the users from Google Issue Tracker. Probably, the reason for this decision of the “corporation of good” was the vulnerability of this standard.

Android P WPS

Android P WPS

Wi-Fi Protected Setup or WPS – launched in 2007, a protocol designed to simplify the process of setting up a wireless network. From the user’s point of view, everything is really simple: to connect to Wi-Fi, just enter the PIN code written on the outer cover (the router itself sets up all the necessary parameters). However, at the end of 2011, programmers Stefan Viehböck and Craig Heffner proved that this standard is extremely vulnerable – attackers can pick up the password in a matter of hours. Later, router manufacturers released updated software that increased the security of WPS, but not all and not all router models did it.

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Since the number of routers with the WPS protocol is gradually decreasing, the lack of support for this standard in Android P is unlikely to inconvenience users. If the home routers support WPS, then it is enough for people to disable the pairing function for this protocol in the router settings.

Via: Androidpolice

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